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Alphas – Super. But Human.

SyFy has a some amazing quality programming on their hands, and one of the shining stars thus far is Alphas. Season 1 followed the main characters’ journey from squabbling individuals to a working group of super humans staying hidden in plain sight. There are still flaws and mysteries for them to work out, but the […]

TalkCast 119 – Nauticon

Facebook Poll: Wonder Woman wins sexiest heroine. Alex Kingston on the fate of River Song. Tickets on sale for Granite State Comic Con 2012. Vote for SFSN in the NH Hippo Press. Happy Birthday to Bob Shaw and Brent Spiner. Watchman prequels. The end of Torchwood. CW’s Beauty and the Beast’s 911 origins. Wannabe Hobbits arrested. WB drops Elfquest, […]

TalkCast 111 – Lance Henriksen and Joe Maddrey

This week’s Holiday Gift Ideas: Dome – Futurama Monopoly Kriana -Knitted Superhero Finger Puppets Java – glif and gorillapod Dead RedHead – Fritz Leiber This week’s SFSN Facebook Poll: Favorite Animated Sci-Fi Movie was a tie between Heavy Metal and The Incredibles. BBC’s Sherlock Holmes returns. Starship Troopers director also did The Fast and the Furious. Guy Ritchie to […]

TalkCast 109 – Jeff Macpherson

This week’s SFSN Facebook Poll reveals that our listeners believe Audrey II is the hungriest Sci Fi character. Diablo Cody says the new Evil Dead has maximum gore. Spider Man the Musical in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. No one injured – this time. David Mack’s Kabuki featured in Dexter.  Twilight movie causes seizures. The Walking […]

TalkCast 107 – Dave Gordon

  This week’s SFSN Face book Poll. We are in love with Boston Comic Con. Helena Bonham Carter as Miss Havisham. Once More With Feeling, the most musical episode of Buffy turns 10.  Godzilla. again. Marvel’s ALIAS coming to TV. SyFy will begin airing Lost Girl in January. Ridley Scott’s Bladerunner sequel is starting up and he discusses […]

TalkCast 105 – Tricks and Treats

This week’s Facebook SFSN Poll winner is The Gunslinger. The new Miyazaki Trailer. Dark Tower headed to HBO. Alice Cooper to be in Dark Shadows. Steven Spielberg hated Indiana Jones IV. Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing. The official website. Ender’s Game release date announced. The theory behind building a space station on an asteroid. Once Upon […]

TalkCast 74 – Sketch Cards R Us

  The Game Of Thrones Trailer. Dead Island Trailer. Thundercats Reboot. Super. Suckerpunch. Resident Evil 5? Elizabeth Hurley as the villain in Wonder Woman. Diane Lane as Martha Kent in Superman. Anne Hathaway dishes to Oprah about Catwoman. The new Disney Dream Pictures. Peter Pan? Begins? Christopher Nolan noshes with the Bladerunner Prequel team.   After […]

TalkCast 73 – What’s That Thing?

RIP – Nicholas Courtmey RIP – Dwayne McDuffie Kriana introduces our new staff; Kaia, M.D. Christie and RdaneelOlivaw IGN posts Flame Bait – The “supposed” Top 50 Sci-Fi TV Top Cat in 3D…And SPANISH! Dear FOX, You take Fringe, move it to Friday, watch it die and walk away. Wanna read the last chapter of […]

Watson, come here. I want you.

Famous words spoken by Thomas Alva Edison carry a whole new meaning next week as Watson, the IBM computing system, will compete over 3 consecutive days against Brad Rutter and Ken Jennings. Each of the human contestants will donate 50% of their earnings to charity and IBM will donate all of Watson’s winning. The winner […]

TalkCast 63 – The Dragons Bard Project

RIP Leslie Nielsen, don’t call him Shirley. The Lost Craig Ferguson Dr. Who Opening. Holidays Specials for Dr. Who, Eureka and Warehouse 13. Holiday Goodness! The Walking Dead writers purge rumors and a fond farewell to Season 1. No Ordinary Family fares well on the network scene. Seth Rogan has a good 2 minutes in […]

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