The Cast

Name: The Dome
Specialty: Pontificating
Broadcasts from: Area 51
Likes: Anything with Busty Women, Harley Quinn, Artists, Writers
Dislikes: When Kriana interrupts his pontificating and people who can’t form articulate sentences, Smallville
Memorable Quote: “The last man in the world sat alone in a room. There was a knock at the door.”
Critical Information: Dome founded SFSN as a radio show on a certain network which will not be named, along with former co-host Mr. K.

Name: Captain Cam
Specialty: Golden Age of Piracy, Mysteries, Fantasy, and apparently anything Cthulhu.
Broadcasts from: His Hamster Habitat in Area 51, while his ship is in dry dock
Likes: Roleplaying, Bad Movies, well designed worlds and creatures
Dislikes: Good Movies, overused Tropes.
Memorable Quote: “Oh shoot! I pulled a Dome.”; And anytime he has sworn on air.
Critical Information: Captain Cam books the guests for the show every week.

Name: Kriana
Specialty: Everything Technical, Sarcasm
Broadcasts from: The Allston/Brighton Hellmouth
Likes: Dick Grayson, Wil Wheaton,  Zombrarian, Science
Dislikes: Pseudoscience, Credulous People, Smallville
Memorable Quote: “Did you read that while your eyes were being burned by flaming iron?!”
Critical Information: Kriana is a biologist currently working out of Boston. She hopes to someday get her PhD so that people can call her “Doctor Kriana”.

Name: Illustrator X
Specialty: Art
Broadcasts from: The Four Color Vault of Comics
Likes: Smallville, Atari, People who riff off of his artwork
Dislikes: Those damn kids who are always on his lawn, Technology
Memorable Quote: “If you were a meeting, I would hold you!”
Critical Information: Illustrator X drew all the pretty art that you will find as components to this site. (Yeah, that includes the brain in the jar!) Checkout some of his other projects at: Talenthouse, Deviant Art, and Witches vs. Vampires.

Name: AwakeByJava
Specialty: Coffee, Games
Broadcasts from: Outpost Gallifrey
Likes: Syfy original shows when they don’t suck
Dislikes: Smallville, Sanctuary, Syfy original shows that suck
Memorable Quote: “Virgins are a renewable resource.”
Critical Information: Java is our resident crop circle analyst. He currently works to warp young children’s minds in Indiana.

Name: The Dead Redhead
Specialty: Being a Zombie, Horror
Broadcasts from: The Four Color Vault of Comics
Likes: Romero Movies, Living Dead Dolls
Dislikes: People with no brains for her to consume!, Smallville
Memorable Quote: “Squeeeeeeee!”
Critical Information: Dead Redhead is the most awesome disembowling zombie extra in the history of zombie flicks. Period.

Name: Zombrarian
Specialty: Books, Editing
Broadcasts from: The Allston/Brighton Hellmouth
Likes: Neil Gaiman, Cory Doctorow, Julie Taymor
Dislikes: People who say “AM in the morning”, Smallville
Memorable Quote: “There was a Robot… and…”
Critical Information: Zombrarian is our post editor and resident grammar zombie. She enjoys all kinds of books and curling up with her undead kitties.

Name: Dru Silla
Specialty: Undead Segment Producer
Broadcasts from: Her Crypt, Tonight
Likes: John Barrowman, Long walks on the beach (with John Barrowman)
Dislikes: Mutant animal Syfy movies, Smallville, Stupid Living People
Memorable Quote: “I have a copy of The Notebook on DVD for a certain film editor…”
Critical Information: Dru is currently studying for her degree in Undead Political Science.

Name: R Daneel Olivaw
Specialty:  Thesis length posts, physics, systems engineering
Blogs from:  The Caves of Steel
Likes:  Thinking out of the box, Isaac Asimov, Stephen King, Dark Shadows (the original), Cherry Jell-o
Dislikes:  The new Battlestar Galactica, rude people, brown marmorated stink bugs
Memorable Quote:  “Factual reporting” is becoming downright Orwellian.”
Critical Information:  Located just beyond the event horizon of the black hole known as Washington, DC.  Independent consultant after twice retiring.

Name: Winter is coming
Specialty:  Comics, Movies, and TV reviews
Blogs from: Winterfell
Likes:  Warren Ellis, Harlan Ellison, Doctor Who, MST3K, meat
Dislikes:  Syfy, reality TV, fleas
Memorable Quote: “Grrrrrrrrrrrr”
Critical Information:  Winter is Coming designs graphics during the day, and hopes to one day be a published fiction writer.

Name: Samantha B
Specialty:  Reading and writing books
Blogs from:  Daylands
Likes:  All things Joss Whedon, plus some other TV and books
Dislikes:  Reality shows, going to work
Memorable Quote:  “Chocolate covered pretzels and Wizards of Waverly Place for breakfast…It’s already an awesome day”
Critical Information:  For more information on Samantha and her writing visit her website:

Name:  Amandatron3000
Specialty:   Assimilator of webcomics
Blogs from:  The sticks
Likes:   Dr Who, knitting, expensive food, and reproducing
Dislikes:    Misinformation, rude people, and Christmas music at any time other than December
Memorable Quote:   “I couldn’t navigate the door-holes.”
Critical Information:   The Amandatron3000 is the latest in cyborg technology.  She is functioning within normal parameters.

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