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The Writer’s Block: Sick

This month, I thought I’d offer a taste of flash fiction here at The Writer’s Block. Here’s a piece I originally wrote for The Storyside: Sick By Stacey Longo He is sick. She knows this. She knows this because he tells her every day. In the morning, he complains of a headache. She once suggested […]

“Beyond The Fog” by LL Soares

Due to technical difficulties, last week’s Fiction Friday has become this week’s Fiction Monday. Enjoy! L.L. Soares is a man with a mission: to bring reality to horror fiction. A prolific writer within the genre, his work has been published in many anthologies and websites for the past 12 years. He co-wrote In Sickness: Stories […]

Fall Foliage By Curt McDermott

Going to cons is fun for a bunch of reasons. You get to reconnect with artists, writers, collectors and fans you may not have seen since last year; but often times you also find something or someone new.  I was introduced to Curt McDermott at Granite State Comic Con. He is one of the new […]

“Hall of Mirrors” by Fredrick Brown

Fredrick Brown was a master of short fiction. His quick wit and acerbic sense of timing made many of his stories timeless. It has been said that Philip K. Dick was a devotee of his writing and you can see many similar models in Dick’s work. His stories were the basis for many episodes of […]

The Travel Agent

Harris Tobias is an enigma in the world of indie writers. His Facebook and blogspot pages are rather cryptic. For a man who has written several novels and hundreds of stories, there is simply not much to find out about him. This story, featured in Quantum Muse, is a variation on a theme:  a tale […]

Fiction Friday – “Sylvanna” by Gloria Oliver

When your favorite author is Stephen King, your favorite movies are Japanese animation, you enjoy manga, and you decide to become a writer, what happens? In the case of Gloria Oliver, you write about them all. Gloria  lives in Texas with her husband, daughter, and three cats. She is the author of the fantasy novels […]

Fiction Friday – Was it My Turn to put Out the Rats? by Timothy Goyette

  “How do authors find their way to Fiction Friday,” you ask? Well, each one has their own road less traveled to Sci Fi Saturday Night and none more circuitous than this entry. A chance remark by one of the original hosts of the show to an acquaintance brought Timothy to us in a series […]

Fiction Friday – The Search For Intelligent Life by Leigh Lane

The mystery of Leigh Lane is manifold. Living in Montana with her family, she is a writer of dark fiction, reminiscent of some of the most fear-inducing science fiction ever written. She has a unique sense of pace and a quirky use of words and juxtaposition  that makes even the most simple and straightforward of […]

Fiction Friday – Torn Apart

    LJ Kentowski always wanted to be an FBI Agent. She pursued this dream for most of her formative years, throughout college, and passed the first round of tests. She also met her husband to be, and when the choice came to stay or go to the FBI, she stayed. Luckily for readers, since […]

Fiction Friday – Karen A. Wyle’s The Baby

  Karen A. Wyle is a reader’s writer. She has two different genres in which she works, and her writing is based on what she is interested in and what she reads. She began writing at a very young age, and finished her first novel at age 10. Her website shows the duality of her […]

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