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Z*Con The Kickstarter Project Begins

Writer, director, producer, artist, speaker, co-founder of Big Damn Films, and gentleman genius, Michael Dougherty (you remember him from Browncoats: Redemption) comes back into the world of film making and social activism. The whole idea of Big Damn Films has always been to give back to the community, to charities and make amazing films. Here’s […]

Beginner’s Guide to the Guild Season 1

It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned online gamer or if you’ve never been on a quest. When you watch The Guild, a web series about a group of gamers whose online partnerships cross over into the real world, all you can do is sit back and watch the hilarity ensue. The Guild was created […]

A Firefly Movement We Can All Get Behind

There has been a lot of drama and controversy surrounding the Firefly ‘verse lately regarding who will or will not win the lottery and start it up again. These people are missing out. Firefly is alive and well, not only in the hearts of it’s fans, but also with the new(ish) independent film: Browncoats: Redemption. […]

Someone Get Cory Vidal A Gig

Everybody kiss a Wookie, kick a ‘droid! Thanks for sharing, Kevin.

Scriptease, just as dirty as it sounds…

The British website, SFX has some pretty amazing info for the inner geek. Perhaps one of the most original and funny features is something called Scriptease, in which a TV show’s entire season or a complete run is eviscerated into bite sized gems of hilarity. Past shows they have poked their sharp stick at are […]

Letting My Geek Flag Fly

Sure, I ain’t no Mickey Mantle, didn’t hit no 3 zillion home runs, BUT I do know the proper way to defrag a hard drive and have watched every frackin’ episode of Wondefalls. In celebration of ME and every other less than perfect physical specimen among us who ever attended an LAN party, played an […]

To Boldly Die…………

Geekdom knows no boundaries. Yes, I have a Bajoran earring, a Harley Quinn Barbie Doll and the entire series of Models, Inc. the comic. As I said, geekdom knows no boundaries, but I do believe I have reached mine with this. Eternal Image offers the Trek geek the empowerment of being buried in a Trek […]

Welcome to my Nightmare New England

When the leaves change color and you can finally get a pumpkin spice latte, it can only mean one thing — the return of SPOOKY WORLD!!! Sci Fi Saturday Night will be interviewing the staff and reviewing the rides and haunted houses in a special horror-themed episode on September 25th, including an exclusive interview with […]

Mutants of the Apocalypse

If you’ve got seven and a half minutes to kill, check out “Mutants of the Apocalypse” — the winner for this year’s Providence 2010 48Hour Film Competition and the most fun you’ll have since the F— Me Ray Bradbury video.  Mutants!  Zombies!  Nazis!  Mutant Nazi Zombies!  Set in the far, far distant future of 2020 […]

TalkCast 47 – Dr. Frankie B and Elizabeth Terrell in a Tag Team Free For All

We has the bestest fans! Frankie B. Washington’s SFSN fan art Atomic Robo’s Scott Wegener to draw all-ages “Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” Pushing Daisies creator to adapt John Christopher’s THE LOTUS EATERS for SyFy August 28th is Read Comic In Public Day! To, um, you know… get people to read comics. In public. We invite […]

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