Scriptease, just as dirty as it sounds…

The British website, SFX has some pretty amazing info for the inner geek. Perhaps one of the most original and funny features is something called Scriptease, in which a TV show’s entire season or a complete run is eviscerated into bite sized gems of hilarity. Past shows they have poked their sharp stick at are Doctor Who, Twin Peaks, The X-Files and Farscape. Needless to say both the website and the feature are required reading for me. Imagine the joy and trepidation I felt when I saw the listing for this latest episode..Dollhouse, one of my favorite shows.

This is frackin’ amazing. Major props to Jayne Nelson for an absolute dead on approach this show (spoiler alerts). From the very outset,

“Also, because this is a Joss Whedon show on Fox, there is (a) angst and (b) the threat of imminent cancellation”

to the  sharp barbs of truth and inner subtext we all knew was going on anyway;

LANGTON: “I’m really not sure about all this sex stuff. Aren’t we just running a very expensive brothel here? This is icky.”
ADELLE: “Shh. Have some tea.”
LANGTON: “Don’t mind if I do!”

Jayne has a gifted sense of the absurd and a sharp eye with tongue to match.

This is Dome sayin’: Did I fall asleep?

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