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TalkCast 503 – A walk In Other Universes

Having been on the ‘Cast a number of times, Dr Bruce Olav Solheim joins us again, this time to talk about UFO’s, life in the universe and his unique and personal perceptions of the paranormal which began at the age of 4 and have continued throughout his life. We got the opportunity to speak about […]

Special Edition Talkcast – Skyraiders of Abarax Kickstarter

In this very special edition we get the chance to reconnect with dear friends Tracy and Laura Hickman as they are in the middle of their phenomenal Kickstarter, a simply amazing new game which was funded in 88 minutes, and is now skyrocketing  with over 2,500 backers. Who are they? What have they done?  Well, […]

TalkCast 498 – Once Upon A Time In Dystopia

Dan Abella joins us once again to talk about the Philip K Dick Science Fiction FIlm Festival to be held at the Producers Club Theater and Cinema In New York City on September 17,18 and 19. As usual we have no idea where the interview is going to end up because that’s how it goes […]

TalkCast 493 – Vampires in Australia?

In this episode we get to meet author Anna J. Walner as she introduces her new series, Garkain, Book One of the Ulura Legacy. In this first book we meet Amelia, a woman of extraordinary gifts who is learning about herself in many ways. As she explores her lineage she begins to realize it is […]

TalkCast 492 – Deus Ex Machina For Beginners

In this Cast we bring you the very funny and interesting author Garon Whited to talk about his very odd and interesting book, Dragonhunters. Garon not only proved to be an interesting conversationalist but was just fun to talk to. The Commander and I had the chance to delve into his past works for a […]

TalkCast 481 – Deep Cuts With Sam Groom and Ringo Starr

A remarkable interview begins and ends in the most unexpected places. This begins with Sebastien de Castell, musician, author and our guest on the ‘Cast. Ostensibly here to talk about his latest  book, Way Of The Argosi, The Commander and I has way too much fun on a number of other topics before we ever […]

TalkCast 480 – The Dinosaurs Didn’t Have A Space Program And Look Where It Got Them!

Smart, original and snappy science fiction is a rare commodity today. Rarer still is the author who can converse about it. Meet Edward M, Lerner and get the chance to know a bit about him, who he is and his work as we explore him, his background and his latest novel, Deja Doomed. It’s fun […]

TalkCast 478 – There Wolf! (with apologies to Marty Feldman).

Once upon a time there was a werewolf, who sometimes wasn’t a very good one. It really wasn’t his fault, because as most of his ilk, he was a victim of circumstance. Meet Michael Andrews, protagonist of The Canadian Werewolf Series  written by tonight’s guest the very smart and funny Mark Leslie. We got the […]

TalkCast 477- More Wales Watching with Marie Powell

How does one get lost in their own interview? I have to admit, it was easy in this one. Marie Powell came by to take with us about her personal journey of discovery which began with an ancestral inquiry into her own Welsh background and culminated into this marvelous duology, Watersight (Last Of The Gifted); […]

Talkcast 474 – Space Aliens Don’t Cry by Bruce and Dumm

In this Talkcast, we once again meet up with part-time paranormal instigator and full time interesting guy Bruce Olav Soldheim to talk about his latest work Snarc, the Graphic Novel, not to be confused with Snarc , The Comic, which we talked about in TalkCast 439. This is a whole new and different Snarc…. Well […]

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