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  We here at Sci Fi Saturday Night love comic books.  We started with superhero stories with their caped protagonists fighting the forces of evil.   Our tastes over time broadened to comics set in fantasy and science fiction.  Follow that up with stories set in more commonplace settings where the greatest struggles are fighting […]

TalkCast 535 – Remembering The Dome

Shared pain is lessened, shared joy is increased. Thus do we all refute entropy. — Spider Robinson Tonight we’ve gathered as many podcast family members as possible to host a tribute episode for The Dome.  Kriana, Captain Cam, Illustrator X, Dead Redhead, Zombrarian, Green Gosling, and Major Tom all shared our fond memories of Dome’s […]

TalkCast 534 – Duatero’s Just Another Word For Nothin’ Left To Lose

In this show we get the chance to talk with world builder Brad C. Anderson and how he used the meta-concept of a “generation ship” to help propel a wonderful new novel about lost pasts and new futures, Duatero. We spoke with Brad about the many facets and wonderful gambits he used throughout the book […]

TalkCast 533 – The Gods Suck (Or So I Am Told)

Of all the things you can say about a book by Miles Cameron, it is NEVER boring and this is no exception. Against All Gods is a magnum opus encompassing continents and characters and events that is breathtaking in scope and you need a scorecard and map to keep track of. That being said, once […]

TalkCast 532 – Can I Offer You A Root Beer?

In the land of snarky comic science fiction there is a place where you go and someone yells out “NORM!!!!” or perhaps in this case “VANCE!!!”, as in this ‘Cast we are once again joined by C.T. Phipps and his sometimes partner in crime, the enigmatic Michael Suttkus to discuss book two of their space […]

TalkCast 531 – Just Like Jack Vance, Only Spicier?

Who are “The Paladins of Vance”? Well, this ‘Casts guest, Matthew Hughes most certainly is. So, what does it mean, what do they do? We talk with Matthew about this and his amazing book Barbarians of The Beyond. It turns out that Matthew has an affinity with the work of the late Mr. Vance (as […]

TalkCast 529 – Anthropodermic Bibliopegy for Beginers

In this “Cast we get to talk with old friend Mark Leslie and new friend Julie Strauss. Why are they on together? Well, they have collaborated on the newest book in the Canadian Werewolf series, “Lover’s Moon. This book is a skillful telling of how The two protagonists, Gail and Michael, meet and fall in […]

TalkCast 528 – Do You Even Know What A Red Shirt Means or More Quantum Nonsense?

Welcome to 6 Degrees of Kelvin Bacon Grease by way of Vance Turbo and his ragtag crew of intergalactic misfits brought to you by the keenly twisted mind of our good friend and wonderful guest C. T. Phipps who we once again have the good fortune to speak with as he launches his newest sci […]

TalkCast 527 – Area 51 – The Helix Project Episode 5 Kickstarter

In tonights ‘Cast we get to spend some quality time with old friend Trevor Fernandez-Lenkiewicz just prior to the kickoff of the Kickstarter of Issue Five of Area 51 – The Helix Project. This is the ongoing project that we have followed from its inception and covered in many previous ‘casts. It has been a […]

TalkCast 526 – What Can Be Said About Dr. Jekyll Alien Hunter?

As it turns out, quite a bit.  We got to learn about this project about 8 months ago from Dr. Bruce when he dropped the title talking about another project in Talkcast 503. So now we get to finally meet gifted new artist Julia Kazasnowska (in a live feed from Poland) and discuss the project […]

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