TalkCast 528 – Do You Even Know What A Red Shirt Means or More Quantum Nonsense?

C.T. Phipps

Welcome to 6 Degrees of Kelvin Bacon Grease by way of Vance Turbo and his ragtag crew of intergalactic misfits brought to you by the keenly twisted mind of our good friend and wonderful guest C. T. Phipps who we once again have the good fortune to speak with as he launches his newest sci fi epic series “Space Academy Dropouts”(cue echo, please). It’s a fun romp through a twisted universe and with C.T. as our guide and narrator tonight, we get a sneak peek into how and why this happened and where former Cadet Vannevar Tagash or as he wants to be known Vance Turbo and the human race is headed in the coming episodes. Where else might you hear a character say, “you’ve got that sci fi pheromone that makes someone want to bork you”.

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What’s Capt Cam Watching?

Quantum Mechanics explained in 60 seconds? Sure, Brian Cox does it on BBC.


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