TalkCast 314 – Doug Jones

doug_jonesTonight we talk once again with one of our very best favorite guests, Doug Jones. Originally he had been booked to talk about his upcoming film Bye Bye Man. When the release date was moved to December, we decided there was plenty else we could talk about and so we did. The discussion included:

It was an hour which felt like minutes. It flew by, but not without the promise from Doug to come back soon.


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Keeping It Ghastly: Franken Fran Omnibus Vol 1


It’s the stuff of 1950s and 60s double features that drives Katsuhisa Kigitsu’s stories of grotesque medical misadventure. Fran Madaraki is the creation of Dr. Madaraki, the most feared and respected mad scientist of his day. Her self-determined purpose in life is to advance science and spread happiness. Her methods are questionable, her skill at surgery is second to none, and she only wants to make the world a better place. At long last! Fans of the zaniness in Magical Girl Apocalypse and fans of the comedic mad scientist movie Young Frankenstein will finally have something to read together – Franken Fran!

This is a highly entertaining horror manga. Tales of science gone amok populate the majority of Franken Fran omnibus vol. 1, and through them we begin to get a better understanding of Fran’s motives and philosophy. The episodic monster-of-the-week formula storytelling of Franken Fran works well in the same way that it worked for the first season of Supernatural – the setting is established and the main characters are introduced with only a minuscule amount of continuity. It isn’t until the very final chapter of the omnibus that we begin to see the beginnings of a larger plot involving other creations of the esteemed Dr. Madaraki. Fortunately we can learn more in vol 2 (coming out May 31, 2016).

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TalkCast 313 – Our Old Friend Jay Mooers Returns

Scales and SandTonight Jay Mooers returns to talk about whats new in the Eden Park Universe. Among the newness is his newest book, Sand and Scales and the Kickstarter for his  Autumn Grey #1 Troubled Waters. We spent some time discussing how he spends his time in the “Creation Process” and how, this year.  the multitude of conventions experiences has made him change his focus to smaller venues. This year, the Eden Park Experience will be in attendance at Vermont Comic Con, ChaseCon, Lock City Comic Con and Plastic City Comic Con.

Topics in this weeks news discussion:

Relax and enjoy the show!


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Keeping It Ghastly: Nijigahara Holograph

ninjigahara holograph cover

This time on “Keeping It Ghastly” I’ll be crawling out of the catacombs of my English-language horror manga collection and going over something a little more recent – Inio Asano’s 2006 horror/drama Nijigahara Holograph.

As part of the selective manga titles published by Fantagraphics Books, Inio Asano’s Nijigahara Holograph fits right in alongside Moto Hagio’s A Drunken Dream, and Other Stories and Stan Sakai’s Usagi Yojimbo. This is, quite simply, an exceptional story. The concept is in many ways a high concept sci-fi horror (which is very rare), and a psychological horror/ drama in the realm of a ghost story melded with Donnie Darko.

Even as butterflies ominously proliferate in town, the rumor of a mysterious creature lurking in the tunnel behind the school spreads among the children. When the body of Arié Kimura’s mother is found by this tunnel’s entrance, next to apparently human traces, the legend seems to be confirmed. Is the end of the world coming? In order to appease the wrath of the beast, the children decide to offer it a sacrifice: The unfortunate Arié, whom they believe to be the cause of the curse, is shoved into a well that leads to the Nijigahara tunnel — an act that in turns pushes Komatsuzaki, the budding thug who has carried a torch for Arié for a while already, entirely over the edge.” This is the introduction that Fantagraphics gives Nijigahara Holograph, but as anyone who has read it can attest to this is barely the first layer of Asano’s onion of a story. Read More »

No Show This Week (Also: DANGER!)

Hey Everyone! The brain has escaped its jar, and if the past is any indication it’s going to take a while to round it up. So this week’s show is going to be postponed. That means no live recording tonight and no new show on Saturday. See you next week with a freshly-jarred brain!


(For the time being, take a buddy with you while roaming the website. That brain can be vicious when it wants to…)

TalkCast 312 – This Convention Year with Double Midnight Comics

Double Midnight


Chris from Double Midnight Comics joins us to talk about the coming year to include New England events including: Halfway To GraniteCon , MasiveCon, Free Comic Book Day and Granite State Comic  Con. Double Midnight has been with Sci Fi Saturday Night for over 10 years.



In this weeks news:


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TalkCast 311- Kristine Rusch Returns

Kristine RuschKristine Rusch returns for some wonderful conversation. Stops along the way include:

The many names she write under, including Kristine Grayson, Kristine Dexter, and Kris DeLake and why the heck she does it that way.

For the history buff among us, you can hear her previous appearance on TalkCast 238.

In this weeks News Roundtable:

Enjoy it.


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Keeping It Ghastly: Presents Vol 2

Happy April Fools day! I have some good news! You don’t need worry bout being good or bad this year. This Christmas Santa Claus is taking on a new policy to just put you out of your misery. You’re welcome.


(Spoilers) Living, laughing, learning, loving was so much more of a hassle before the days when Santa Clause could touch the gift he was about to give you and see a vision of how that toy would be used.

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TalkCast – 310 Scott Thomas

Scott Thomas

Scott Thomas


Our guest tonight is Scott Thomas. Scott is a writer of Otherworldly Fiction and one of the writers of the in the upcoming Sci Fi Saturday Night anthology My Peculiar Family. In the course of a wonderful wandering interview we talk on a myriad of subjects including what is an Autumn Cthuhlu?


In News:

While touching on many subjects, the discussion was about disappointing movies and what it was that we were most annoyed with. Among them were:

We felt it was an appropriate ending; enjoy.


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Keeping It Ghastly: Blood Sucker – Legend of Zipangu Vol 1

Resurrected three centuries after his defeat at the hands of the samurai Naonosuke, the powerful vampire Migiri has reasserted himself as a fearsome enemy of humanity. With his cult followers, Migiri, now “Yato no Kami”, has once more begun to spread the plague of vampirism across Japan. Battered but unyielding, covert agents have enlisted the help of ex-criminal Yusuke to help them take down Migiri. Yusuke, however, is only interested in the fate of his love Kikuri who was taken as the bride of the vampire lord. Illustrated by Aki Shimizu (Qwan and Suikoden III) and written by Saki Okuse (Flowers and Ghost Talker’s Daydream), Blood Sucker: Legend of Zipangyu was originally published by Gentosha from 2001-2007 before being licensed by Tokyopop in 2006. Currently there are no plans for a new edition of the series, so this is a used-copy only comic.

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