TalkCast 265 – Scott Goudsward and Rachel Kenley

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Tonight’s guests are editors Scott Goudsward and Rachel Kenley of Once Upon an Apocalypse. To learn more about this fun mix of zombies and fairy tales, visit their website or their Facebook page.



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TalkCast 264 – Storied Threads


V BaileyWe began the night talking about a fund raiser on Feb. 22, 2015 to help rebuild Collectors Kingdom, Jesse Wroblewski joined us to talk about the legacy of the famous local Long Island shop and efforts to help rebuild after a fire completely destroyed it.

Our second guest was Veronica Bailey owner of Stories Threads. We talked about the inception of Storied Threads and its evolution, the place of artisans in the Convention world and what’s new for her fans for this coming season.


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TalkCast 263 – Joseph Schmalke

Infernal Pact

Our guest, Joseph Schmalke returns to discuss his new comic, The Infernal Pact, its KickStarter, the evolution of this project and woodcarvings.


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TalkCast 262 – Jim Dyer


Jim Dyer is the grandson of CM Eddy, Horror and Sci Fi Author and long time friend of HP Lovecraft  (Wiki page ) Jim is editing some of his grandfather’s stories for a new generation of readers including The Loved Dead And Other Tales.


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TalkCast 261 – Griffin Ess

Tonight’s guest is Griffin Ess, who provided us with the following link and I can’t write a better synopsis than this:


Find him on

His webcomics are:


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TalkCast 260 – Andy Arnott and Alex Cormack

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Kickstarters of the Week:



Tonight’s awesome guests are Andy Arnott and Alex Cormack, back again to announce the second issue of I Play The Bad Guy!


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Talkcast 259 – Is that a guest or a tumbleweed?!

brainTurns out it was just a tumbleweed. After 3 weeks off the air, we return, guest or no guest!


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TalkCast 258 – Holiday Double Trouble

We’re throwing out our usual format tonight to bring you FOUR guests in TWO interviews before we depart for our Holiday Break! Enjoy!

Athena 2Guests the First(s):

Silence in the Library (Ron Garner and Maggie Allen) discuss their new Kickstarter Project Athena’s Daughters 2.  Founded in 2011 by a group of authors, Silence in the Library Publishing was established with the goal of creating an environment that allows authors, artists, editors, and other publishing professionals to work collaboratively to showcase their work.



Inkwell News:

For the first time in 44 years, comic book legends Neal Adams and Joe Sinnott have collaborated on a special edition to be auctioned by the non-profit Inkwell Awards (aka “The Inkwells”). The auction will take place in March, 2015

Geek Gifts for 2014:

SFTCGuests the Second(s):

Artistic Director A. Vincent Ularich and Literary Manager Kelley Holley  of the Science Fiction Theatre Company. Visit their website for information about upcoming performances!


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TalkCast 257 – Ramon Gil

Ramon Gil talks to us about his series Scifi’s. He runs a graphic design company by day and is an aspiring comic book creator by night, having self published two issues of his own anthology Scifies and having contributed comics work to Vortex Comics, San Diego Comic Con, TV Times, Indie Comics Magazine and Stache Publishing’s Out of the Blue anthology and Aporkalypse.


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TalkCast 256 – Anatole Ashraf of ComicsVerse


Anatole is a eloquent comic book  fan, and a recent graduate from Columbia University’s School of General Studies, as a double major in English and Evolutionary Biology of the Human Species, so it only makes sense, he would end up here. He is also a musician and a journalist. We talk about all the wonderful things in the “ComicsVerse Universe”e and what makes it such a special podcast… and our new rival.




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