TalkCast 304 – Hope Nicholson


Hope NicholsonWe start tonight with our dear friend Karen Gosslein, who chats with us about the My Peculiar Family Kickstarter, and about her story!

Then we find out: What Did Hope Nicholson Do When A Comic Con Cancelled On Her?

Hope is an author and editor who we found through the article above, but who’s got a lot more going on! We chat about the anthology she edited, The Secret Loves of Geek Girls, and the racy story that snuck it’s way in. She also tells us about Nelvana of the Northern Lights, a vintage Canadian comic that Hope is working to re-publish.

And Now, The News:


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Keeping It Ghastly: Hino Horror Vol 2: The Bug Boy

From an initial reading there isn’t anything particularly outstanding about Hino Horror Vol 2: The Bug Boy. The artwork is chunky and the dialogue is dated. Hideshi Hino’s story of a miserable little boy transformed into a insectoid monster doesn’t stand up too well on its own, but in combination with a knowledge of the creator’s past it takes on another life entirely.

TalkCast 303 – Melinda Snodgrass & Tracy Hickman

This is an amazing podcast in which we speak with 2 wonderful creators.

Melinda SnodgrassMelinda Snodgrass is an author, screenwriter gamer and equestrian…sometimes at the same time. We talk about her writing days on Star Trek – The Next Generation, her work with George RR Martin and the Wild Cards Series. Her honest outspoken views are both wonderful and refreshing.


Tracy HickmanTracy Hickman has an open invitation and came on to talk about two new projects. The Void is a 3-D immersion virtual reality facility (think Star Trek Holodeck) that has to be seen to be believed. Tracy now has an office job there and is slowly becoming used to it. Seriously, this project is a beautiful ongoing work that is just beginning.

His second announcement is that Wizards Of The Coast has asked him to revive and the return to Ravenloft in D&D’s latest adventure, Curse of Strahd, the updating of a RP project he began with Laura in 1983.

Towards the end of the interview, Tracy, Kriana and I talk about his participation in our Kickstarter project, My Peculiar Family and his wonderful challenge reward.

And, by the way, Happy Birthday to our dear friend, author Stacey Longo.

Join us for a remarkable hour.


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TalkCast 302 – Aatmaja Pandya

Aatmaja PandyaIt’s a shortie but a goodie this week, folks! We’re talking to Aatmaja Pandya, a webcomic creator we met at Topatocon. Her most recent work is Travelouge, “a fantasy ‘diary’ comic with a focus on worldbuilding.” Tune in to hear about goat pupils, relaxed webcomic creation, and so much more.



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‘My Peculiar Family’ Kickstarter Update

MPF New Cover

With 34 days to go:

So many good things are happening! We are at almost 60% of our goal!!! Our wonderful backers have done so much for our morale. Their notes to us have been very favorable. Thank you all. Now, if each of you could find a friend to join up… just sayin’.

There are still so many very cool rewards available:

  • The Stacy Longo Bloody Pillow Reward (A perfect companion for all your unpleasant dreams.
  • The Rob Watts Creepy Time Reward (Let’s face it, his books AND LP’s are cool!)
  • The Christopher Golden Personalized Reward (You can have Mr. Golden write your very own name)
  • The Tracy Hickman Challenge Reward (Finally, YOU get to tell an author what to write {some restrictions apply})

……..just to name a few.

We’re very close to our initial goal so if you know someone who might be interested, let ‘em know. This campaign only happens because individuals like you care about this book happening.


Keeping It Ghastly: Parasyte Vol 1


It does my little shriveled heart good to see a horror manga that has continued to thrive. Despite the many times that this story has switched publishers, and in spite of the difficulty of laying your hands on the complete run of any one edition, Hitoshi Iwaaki’s science fiction horror series Parasyte continues to grace the bookshelves of new and used stores here in the U.S. of A. The staying power of Parasyte has even resulted in a new anime series released between 2014 and 2015.

Falling to Earth in tennis ball sized spores, little flatworms with vicious looking drills for heads sprout and begin looking for a host body to seize control of. In the same way that the creature from The Thing imitates the flesh and behavior of the host, so too do these sentient worms harness their hosts’ bodies in order to blend into the herd undetected. If threatened they can do some pretty horrendous Cronenberg-y transformations. I’ll let this picture speak for itself.


The complexity of the story in Parasyte is evident in the first volume alone. And for a media that is infamous for slow burn stories and passive-aggressive horror this is saying something. The rogues gallery is not simply comprised of “flavor of the week” villains like many shonen titles. Even tertiary characters like our protagonist, Shinichi’s, peripheral classmates get character arcs that drive individual chapters toward the greater story of human kind’s first alien contact. Inevitable change and evolution are central to the horror aspects of Parasyte, and we see these themes played out in many areas from the lonely path Shinichi must tread as the host of a “failed” parasite (a worm that was not able to gain full control of the host or didn’t enter a member of the planet’s dominant species). From the eldritch changes his body goes through, to the cultural shifts that occur once the world becomes more and more aware of the predator in their midst, Parasyte strives and succeeds to tell a multifaceted, immersive story.


First there was Mixx, which later rebranded itself as the famous Tokyopop label. Both company names put out editions of Parasyte in the old right-to-left format with significantly different translations of the original Japanese text. Then Del Rey put out their own translation of Parasyte, and finally out came Kodansha Comics USA’s current edition. The Kodansha Comics edition is particularly fun as it not only includes the standard translations of Japanese honorifics, foods, and phrases, but little notes regrading the publishing history of the title! For instance, the editor took the time to point out that the series used to be published as a serial in Japan, hence the short recaps before each chapter. For fans who may be wondering why Migi, which means “right”, used to be called Lefty in the earlier editions, the editor notes that the manga was previously published with “flipped art” that necessitated the renaming. Is this a truly necessary thing to dedicate precious page space to? Not really, but it certainly adds to the mystique that this is a book with a decent history in the English language.

TalkCast 301 – Serenity Valley Outfitters

Serenity ValleyRob from Serenity Valley Outfitters is your source for quality survival and emergency preparedness supplies, specializing in Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kits. Serenity Valley Outfitters uses the ZA model in the same way as the CDC: a catch point to help the public be prepared for whatever emergency may come along. 

And now, the News!


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My Peculiar Family Returns

MPF New CoverSci Fi Saturday Night is very pleased to announce  the relaunch of our first publishing project on Kickstarter — My Peculiar Family.  It’s an anthology of unreleased gothic, horror, sci fi and unusual stories written by bestselling authors and many exciting new talents who have been on our show.  This volume contains original never before published stories by Christopher Golden, Tracy Hickman, Stacey Longo and many other amazing writers. We have just begun our new campaign and are already almost halfway to our initial goal.  Take a moment to check it out, tall your friends and become a part of SFSN’s first publishing venture. Check the Sci Fi Saturday Night  page, our Facebook page and Kickstarter for continuing updates.

TalkCast 300! –

Eric J. BerryThis week’s guest is

Then, to celebrate our 300th episode, we do exactly what we want and talk about the Dr. Who Christmas Special for a long time.



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Keeping It Ghastly: Another

another cover

Welcome to 2016! In the last week Iran and Saudi Arabia have been at each other’s throats, the gun debate in the US has reached a tipping point, and North Korea has claimed a successful hydrogen bomb test. In celebration of the new year let’s take a look at a comic that also discusses new beginnings, and how the past continually haunts us.

Another is a horror mystery from Naoyuki Uchida, aka Yukito Ayatsuji, husband of Fuyumi Ono aka the author of The Twelve Kingdoms. Originally published as a novel in 2009 by Kadokawa Shoten, in three short years the book rocketed in popularity due to its frightening atmosphere and bizarre premise. The 4 volume manga, which will be the focus of today’s article, was serialized from May 2010 to January 2012 in the seinen magazine Young Ace and released as an omnibus in America under Yen Press. An anime soon followed from January to March of 2012, followed by an OVA in May 2012, and a live action film in August 20121.

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