TalkCast 286 – Granite Con promo!

Chris from Granite Con gives us a sneak peek of this year’s attractions at the beginning of the show this week


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TalkCast 285 – Tom Sniegoski


Our guest tonight is Tom Sniegoski, who’s here to accept our compliments on his new graphic novel, The Raven’s Child.




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TalkCast 284 – The Previously Cursed Episode

Where Spiders Fear to Spin


Our guest tonight is Peter Dudar, author of Where Spiders Fear to Spin. Finally. After several unsuccessful tries. And it was worth the wait! We had tons of fun talking to him about his book.


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TalkCast 283 – Margaret & Jesse Lundberg

Harold the Happy Human Eater

Wow! That’s a lot of news! And then it gets even better! We welcome Margaret and Jesse Lundberg, creators of Harold the Happy Human Eater, a kid-friendly (and adult-enjoyable) zombie comic. They tell us all about how Harold came to be, and what’s in store in his future.


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TalkCast 282 – Christopher Golden

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 10.07.00 PM

Our guest tonight is author Christopher Golden. He talked with us about his new book, Dead Ringers and his part in our anthology, My Peculiar Family.


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Sci Fi Saturday Night Presents: My Peculiar Family

Vinton Cover

Over the years we have showcased many KickStarter projects. Our new project, My Peculiar Family, combines the amazing talents of writers and artists who are frien3William {Concert Pianist}ds of our show. The idea for this anthology has been knocking around for about 4 years. I talked about it with a bunch of writers over the years and after a few stops and starts, here it is.

Showcasing the writing talents of Christopher Golden and James A. Moore, Stacey Longo, Jason J. Mooers, Robert Mayette, William Meikle , Samantha Boyette, F. Allen Farnham, David Schechter, Kristi McDowell, Karen Gosselin, George O’Connel, Derrick Belanger, Bracken MacLeod, John Pallisano, and Tracy Hickman, this anthology contains 16 original stories about the fictional family of Chyna Dale (aka Chastity Willingham Dimsdale) . Each individual stories is based entirely on a package each author was given containing a tintype, a name and an occupation/fact about that person. The stories run the gamut of genres; fanta7 Mary Francis {Prostitute}sy, science fiction, horror and more, simply based on the authors’ reaction to the tintype they 6 Fanny {Confectioner}received. The book also has original artwork by Peter Vinton, Jr., and Sara Richard.

There is something here for everybody. Check it out and enjoy.peculiar final357

TalkCast 281 – Tracy Hickman

Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 9.57.22 PM

Sir Sarah and some actors or something (I forget their names)



Tonight’s guest is the wonderful author Tracy Hickman, who has broken all kinds of records with his 9th appearance on SFSN! He spent most of our time together telling us the story of his guest appearance on Con Man. No spoilers here, but it’s not a story to miss!


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TalkCast 280 – Alex Simmons

Screen Shot 2015-07-11 at 8.40.26 PM

Tonight’s guest is the multi-talented Alex Simmons. He’s a writer, an actor, a teacher, a playwright, and much more! We spent a lot of our time talking about his work on Archie comics, but it’s obvious that he has a lot more to offer!

For More Alex Simmons Info:


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TalkCast 279 – Rob Watts

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 9.44.55 PM

And tonight’s guest is Rob Watts: writer, musician, and wonderful human being. He’s here to talk about The Crooked Roads Through Cedar Grove, a compilation of several interconnected novellas and short stories. He tells us about the editing process that went into combining several disparate works into one novel, and what he has planned for his next projects!



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TalkCast 278 – 2 Guests, No News, No Waiting!

Tonight we’ve got guests up to our ears, so we decided to spare you news!

First up, we have Gary Sohmers of NorthEast Comic Con.  He’s here to say, “Aloha!” and tell us a bit about what we can expect at the con.

Our second guest of the night is Ron Garner of Silence in the Library Publishing. Their newest book is Monsters. Monsters is an anthology about vampires, zombies, and other horrors from some of the best writers in the business including:  Aaron Allston, Michael A. Stackpole, Timothy Zahn, Maxwell Alexander Drake, Addie J. King, Aaron Rosenberg, Janine K. Spendlove, Bryan Young,



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