Keeping It Ghastly: Time and Again Vol 1

“Keeping It Ghastly” is a bi weekly article on Japanese horror comics which have English print editions. Some are from famous authors, others are from unknowns and underground artist circles. Either way, it’s going to be to a terrifying/awesome ride to keep horror manga on our bookshelves!

We will now take a break from our regular “Keeping It Ghastly” made-in-Japan-horror-comics-with-print-publications-in-english program to talk about two books from South Korea. This week it will be one the topic of Time and Again vol 1, a horror historical fiction manwha from JiUn Yun, author of Cynical Orange.


Time and Again is the story of ghost and demon exorcists-for-hire who travel South Korea during the reign of Chinese Emperor Xaunzong of the Tang Dynasty. Our protagonists consist of the arrogant and often drunk master exorcist Baek-On, his mysterious aid Ho-Yeon, and the beautiful sentient sword Shin-Wol. The pacing of the first volume of Time and Again is odd, with only 3 of the 5 chapters focusing on the adventures of our protagonists. The other 2 chapters are seemingly unrelated stories that occur in the world of Time and Again. The 3 chapters that do feature Baek-on and Ho-yeon as active members of the cast also vary wildly in length. Chapter 5, for instance, is only 5 pages long while the first chapter is 36 pages in length. Read More »

TalkCast 329 – Cory Levine

Cory Levine Our guest tonight is Cory Levine, writer and creator of of The Bowery Boys, a very unique and interesting web-comic. We spend the interview talking about the genesis of the comic, his work with artists Ian Bertram and Brent McKee in putting the comic together and the subsequent graphic novel on Dark Horse Comics. This is his first Boston Comic Con.

Here is the link to the web comic of The Bowery Boys.The Bowery Boys




In This Weeks News:


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TalkCast 328 – George is Back

George O'ConnorSo whenever George O’Connor is here, we talk. Tonight, we talked about some of his new projects including Baby, 664 The Comic (or as I call in 664 Season 3) with his collaborators Harley Bean and Lesley Atlansky, Healed, The Movie (to be shown at the Mass Indy Film Festival), Boston Comic Con, and the current state of the Import/Export Trade Imbalance in Paraguay.


664 CoverAs promised during the show, here is the free download of 664 Episode 0.









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TalkCast 327 – Emmanuelle McGowan

Emmanuelle McGowanIn an inverted format, we begin the show with News:

In another episode of “People You Should See at Boston Comic Con”, In this episode, we meet Emmanuelle McGowan. This will be Emmanuelle’s sophomore outing at Boston Comic Con. We got a chance to speak with her about her beginnings, how her art has flourished, her unique style and how she has blossomed out to many more conventions. As always, if you’re coming to to BCC, be sure to spend the time in Artists Alley. There is no limit to the treasures you can find there



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The Writer’s Block Presents Rob Smales

This month, I have a bit of free fiction for you from horror writer Rob Smales. Not only is Rob my editing partner and friend, but he’s also one of my favorite contemporary authors. Check him out, won’t you?

Let Them Eat Cake

Rob Smales

Becca tried to stay as still as possible as the box shook and swayed slightly. She braced her hands on the floor to either side, crouching on one knee in the dark as she was rolled out.

I hope they get this show on the road, before I get too stiff to move.

It had been a long time since she’d done this particular shtick. No one requested it anymore, and she’d been surprised when they asked her about it, but it all sort of made sense when they mentioned it was his one-hundredth birthday. Nostalgic. An old-fashioned surprise. It all made sense . . . but a hundred?

Jesus. Read More »

TalkCast 326 – Tabatha Lord

Tabatha Lord

In the first of our series of “People You Should See At Boston Comic Con 2016, Tabitha Lord, author of the new Science Fiction novel, Horizon, joins us. We get the chance to talk about how and why she became a full time writer, where she is going with it and why it’s important to her. This will be her first Boston Comic Con adventure so if you’re there, take a moment to stop by and say hello.

In This Weeks News:


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TalkCast 325 – Sara Richard Returns

Sara Richard

The amazing and talented artist Sara Richard joins us again. She talks about some neat projects she is working on in July and her latest adventures including her travels to Easter Island and BronyCon as well as her upcoming appearance at Boston Comic Con.

In This Weeks News:

Keeping It Ghastly: Magical Girl Apocalypse Vol 1

“Keeping It Ghastly” is a bi weekly article on Japanese horror comics which have English print editions. Some are from famous authors, others are from unknowns and underground artist circles. Either way, it’s going to be to a terrifying/awesome ride to keep horror manga on our bookshelves!

The tag line reads, “Not your mommy’s magical girls”. Oh boy is that the truth. This time on “Keeping It Ghastly” we’ll be taking a look at the seinen zombie-magical girl mashup series – Magical Girl Apocalypse vol 1.

vol 1 cover

Magical Girl Apocalypse is an action-horror series from Kentaro Sato. Currently licensed under Seven Seas Entertainment, this is one f-ed up manga. It’s gory, it’s exploitative, it’s like Puella Magi Madoka Magica on crack. Kii Kogami, middle schooler and generally apathetic teenager, is sick of the hypocrisy and pettiness of his all too normal existence. He has many superficial friends, passable grades, but little connection to the rest of humanity aside from his crush on the popular girl in his class and a former friendship with the quiet, bullied girl Tsukune Fukumoto. That changes when he witnesses the murder of a teacher at the hands of a small gothic lolita girl. With a single tap of her “wand” the teacher’s head is vaporized! Unable to process what he saw, Kii excuses himself from class and takes a short break to catch his breath. When he returns to the classroom the very same lolita girl is murdering everyone in sight. From there things begin to get weird. Those who have died are rising up and attacking the living and more “magical girls” are emerging across the sky to bathe the city in blood and bodies.

Read More »

TalkCast 324 – Josh Dahl

Josh DahlJosh Dahl is the creator of Rapid City Below Zero Comic. He drops in, in the middle of a business meeting, to talk about his KickStarter for Issue #5 of Rapid City Below Zero, which wraps up the story arc for his Book #1. He also talks about his giveaway of Episodes 1 thru 4, so get them while the getting’ is good.

We also talked about his other website Making Better Comics and what you can find there. Josh will be appearing at Seacoast Comic Con and Boston Comic Con in the coming weeks.

In The Weeks News:



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TalkCast 323 – Anthony Ruttgaizer

Anthony RuttgaizerAnthony Ruttgaizer is a comic book writer, a stand-up comedian, a talk radio host, a night club DJ, a pop culture blogger and, perhaps most infamously, a professional wrestler. We talk about his Kickstarter for part 3 of his comic F1rst Hero: Wednesday’s Child and his previous crowd funding events for parts one and two of this series. We also discuss his many upcopming events and his new startup independent publishing venture.

In this weeks News Round Table:


Sit back and enjoy.


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