TalkCast 531 – Just Like Jack Vance, Only Spicier?

Who are “The Paladins of Vance”? Well, this ‘Casts guest, Matthew Hughes most certainly is. So, what does it mean, what do they do? We talk with Matthew about this and his amazing book Barbarians of The Beyond. It turns out that Matthew has an affinity with the work of the late Mr. Vance (as it seems most writers can source their literary lineage back to the influences of how a writer affected them) and he talked with us about his wonderful relationship with him over the years and how the “Paladins Of Vance” came to be and why it was so important for him to work within this universe. Hughes’ book is an amazing work of “Vanc-ian” space opera, in a style not much seen any more. As we talked about why Vance and space opera isnt “the thing” these days Hughes also mentioned authors the world might take time to revisit:

And in the end, all we can really say is noxxifnoxxibohintafedand.


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