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Alphas – Super. But Human.

SyFy has a some amazing quality programming on their hands, and one of the shining stars thus far is Alphas. Season 1 followed the main characters’ journey from squabbling individuals to a working group of super humans staying hidden in plain sight. There are still flaws and mysteries for them to work out, but the […]

Once Upon A Time vs Grimm

Both these shows caught my eye when I heard about them.  It’s been a while since anything like this was on network TV, and I was eager to try both of them out. In Once Upon A Time, bounty hunter Emma Swan’s world is changed the night ten-year-old Henry shows up on her doorstep and […]

What Can The Networks Do For You?

So, it’s about that time. Let’s be surprised and/or disappointed by the genre shows the Big 5 (seriously, 5?) Networks have to offer us for the upcoming Fall Season. As Doctor Who, Torchwood and True Blood come to their seasons’ amazing conclusions, lets take a rapid-fire look at what the networks have in store. Monday […]

Synchronicity is a Bitch

How does one explain the current state of programming among the television networks? Is it an issue with current quality of programming? Yes. Is it an issue with pandering to a sub-genre they know little about? Yes. Is it money hunger and pandering to the lowest common denominator? Of course, but I am coming to […]


Next on the summer viewing list: Surface: The Complete Series. This short lived TV show from 2005 about sea monsters was an enjoyable re-watch. Only fifteen episodes long, very few of the questions set forth in the show are answered, yet the ending makes you okay with that.

Falling Skies: Destroy All Humans…Again

There was something very familiar in TNT’s pilot  Falling Skies, the new epic summer blockbuster sci-fi adventure series starring Noah Wyle. Was it the alien invasion that destroyed humanity’s way of life? Was it the advanced alien race that is enslaving humans? Was it the band of people bonded together by fate who have taken […]

Torchwood: Miracle Day

Here is a first look sneak peek at the upcoming season. Torchwood has had an amazing under-the-radar run. The continuing story of Jack Harkness and Gwen Cooper began with a 13 episode Season 1 in 2006, and continued a second season of 13 episodes in 2007. Finally came the the love-it-or-hate-it, 5 episode, mini series, […]

Roundup: Shows We Love That Love Sci-Fi

Very occasionally on the podcast we get to talk about shows that are not technically speculative fiction, but really like to reference it. Some of these shows, like The Big Bang Theory, we can talk about a lot, because they reference geek culture almost constantly, but there are many shows out there worthy of watching […]


  I’ll be honest, when I first started watching Doctor Who reruns as a kid, I was a bigger fan of the human(ish) villains than the monster types. The Valeyard, the Rani, the Master (RIP Anthony Ainley), these characters were fascinating, oozing schemes out of their ears, a true mental match for the Doctor, right […]


When the regular TV season ends, I start digging out old favorites on DVD. This week’s pick is Miracles, a short lived show that ran on ABC in January of 2003. Of the 13 episodes, only 6 ran.  These were aired in such a spaced out, convoluted fashion that it would have made Fox proud. […]

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