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Special Edition Talkcast – Skyraiders of Abarax Kickstarter

In this very special edition we get the chance to reconnect with dear friends Tracy and Laura Hickman as they are in the middle of their phenomenal Kickstarter, a simply amazing new game which was funded in 88 minutes, and is now skyrocketing  with over 2,500 backers. Who are they? What have they done?  Well, […]

Who is The Running Girl?

  Information coming soon….

A Message from Our Friends at Dreamforge Magazine

Dreamforge Magazine is accepting submissions from Tuesday, March 19th through June 30th (midnight EST) for their upcoming editions. If you are interested, here are the Submission Guidelines and the Submission Procedures. Listen to our interview with Scot Noel here.

The Writer’s Block: So You’re About to Meet an Author

I do a lot of events. Conventions, fairs, craft shows . . . you never know when my smiling face is going to pop up from behind a table. (Next Saturday, you’ll find me at SuperMegaFest with Rob Watts: stop on by!) Over the years, I’ve found that some fans are wonderful, and some of them […]

The Writer’s Block: The Other Side of the Convention Table

I do a lot of conventions. It’s a great way to meet new readers, get my face and books out there, and yes, stalk celebrities. But conventions aren’t all fun and games. It can be exhausting greeting and talking with people for three days straight, and I’ll admit, by Day 3, I’m not at my […]

Sci Fi Saturday Night Presents: My Peculiar Family

Over the years we have showcased many KickStarter projects. Our new project, My Peculiar Family, combines the amazing talents of writers and artists who are friends of our show. The idea for this anthology has been knocking around for about 4 years. I talked about it with a bunch of writers over the years and after a […]

GraniteCon 2013 Video Blog #5 – Blair Shedd

You know him from his work on the Doctor Who and Dorothy Of Oz comics. SFSN fans know him from his attendance at cons all over the country. During the course of Day 2, we caught up with Blair Shedd at his booth to talk a little about some of his future projects. [youtube]

GraniteCon 2013 Video Blog #4 – Hollaback Boston

Brandi, a representative of Hollaback Boston, dropped by our booth. As the discussion progressed we all thought this was a message we should pass along  so we started over with the cameras rolling. This is information every Con attendee should know. [youtube]

GraniteCon 2013 Video Blog #3 – Jim Cummings, Jess Harnell and Rob Paulson

A few candid minutes with some of the many voice artists in attendance. Dome got a quiet moment with them that quickly degenerated into comic chaos. Jim (Darkwing Duck, Winnie the Pooh) and Jess (Wakko Warner) gave us a few moments of their down time and what was a few questions quickly became the mayhem […]

GraniteCon 2013 Video Blog #2 – Rob Paulson

Rob Paulson wanted to be a hockey player. Lucky for us all , that didn’t work out. The iconic voice that gave us Yakko Warner, Pinky and literally hundreds of others sits down with The Dome in the middle of the Con. His Talking Toons podcast is one fans should not miss. [youtube]

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