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TalkCast 503 – A walk In Other Universes

Having been on the ‘Cast a number of times, Dr Bruce Olav Solheim joins us again, this time to talk about UFO’s, life in the universe and his unique and personal perceptions of the paranormal which began at the age of 4 and have continued throughout his life. We got the opportunity to speak about […]

TalkCast 502 – The Princess and The Pauper (updated version)

Thor Nesch is by any definition multifaceted . The many styles of books as well as his other endeavours makes him “interesting” to say the least. When you have a writer, who amongst his many offerings has books that could qualify as Sci Fi, Fantasy, horror, crime drama, and thrillers, with subjects ranging from killer […]

TalkCast 501 – Sex And The Single Werewolf or Agatha Christie And The Buckets Of Chum

After a few weeks on hiatus for a number of issues, we’re back, and this ‘casts guest is just wonderful. Melissa Yi is a gifted writer and if that was all she was it would be plenty,,,,but she is also an ER Doctor with a special interest in health education, a world traveler and a […]

TalkCast 344 – MediSin Health Care For Super Villains


TalkCast 500 – The Long Strange Trip Thusfar

Tonight we take a look back with some of our friends. In a very special  episode we reminisce with Zombrarian, Kriana, Illustrator X and Commander Cam and talk about some off their memories of the past 500 episodes: the good, the bad and the ridiculous. From Doug Jones to Dr. K. and almost everywhere in-between, […]

TalkCast 499 – Plato’s Republic On the Moon and DragonCon

One might reasonably ask what these two things have in common?  The quick answer is of course Garon Whited. The not so quick response is also Garon Whited. Garon and The Commander talk about one of his hard SF books, Luna. and its roots in Plato’s republic and Lord of the Flies and seem to […]

Talkcast 497 – GraniteCon 2021 Preview & WL Hawkin Returns

What Do GraniteCon and Paranormal Romance Have In Common? Why, it’s Sci Fi Saturday Night , of course! New England is so very lucky to have a Granitecon this year. We get a few moments to talk with Chris from Double Midnight Comics to get an overview of what we can expect from this years […]

TalkCast 496 – More Tales From The Haunted Bank

What a pleasure it is to have Kathrin Hutson back with us again. She returns to talk about book two in her Accessory to Magic series, The Cursed Fae. When last we spoke with her is was to kick off this series and we got our introduction to the magical underground world of Denver and […]

TalkCast 495 – A Cat On The Cover Always Sells Books

In this Cast we get to again speak author Edward Willett about his latest “juvenile” SF thriller Star Song; the adventures of Kriss, a young orphan boy, his off-worlder girlfriend Tevera and his touchlyre. One might rightfully ask , just what is a touchlyre, what  does it do, where does it come from…. and these […]

TalkCast 494 – Not To Be Confused With Garfunkle and Oats

Never in the course of a Cast  have I ever said “can I say something about that ” more times that in this episode and I’m not sure why other that I think Commander Cam and I adore these two folks very much. In this episode we are so pleased to welcome back Scot Noel […]

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