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The Writer’s Block Presents: Get Buried in Blue Clay

The latest offering from Bram Stoker Award winner L.L. Soares (Life Rage) is Buried in Blue Clay (2017, Post Mortem Press). We’re immediately on board (both literally and figuratively) with Reddy Soames, a writer who’s not sure he’s still got what it takes, and drinks too much while he ponders this question. He’s heading back […]

TalkCast 333 – Curtis Hickman’s The Void

It’s not very often you get to talk to “The Man Behind The Curtain” Tonight, we spend the entire show with Curtis Hickman, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of The Void, what many, including members of the cast, who have experienced it have described as an amazing technological adventure. If you have watched Star Trek […]

Dystopian Fantasies–The End-of-Worlders

There’s never been a shortage of prose and film dealing with the end of the world, usually involving some wise but outcast person or group of people who detect the signs of the coming apocalypse and just manage to mobilize the rest of the world in time to forestall the end. However, as with so […]

The Multiverse – Physics Catches up with Sci-Fi

In earlier pieces here I’ve talked about the Heinlein “multiverse” and how I consider the idea of parallel universes one of the successful predictions of science fiction. Along comes physicist Brian Greene to support that assertion in a far more elegant way than I could. His book The Hidden Reality: Parallel Universes and the Deep […]

We’ll Miss You Sarah Jane

I began my lifelong love affair with Doctor Who in ’96, right after the made-for-tv movie aired and I was twelve years old. It didn’t take me long to discover old episodes of the show would play every Friday night from 10 to midnight. It wasn’t a school night so I was allowed to stay […]

One Singular Sensation

So I was driving down the Main St. of my little town, minding my own business and rocking out to some NPR when, quel surpise!  I noticed the billboard above had been that had been put in just that day.  Oh, the horror!  My granola eating hippy liberal bleeding heart nearly stopped.  A Family Radio […]

Print Me Up Some Fries With That

   3-D printers, which have been growing in popularity since 2003, are cropping up a lot in the news lately. 3-D printers work by depositing any extrudable substance (for example: plastics or ceramic) in successive layers until the printed object is the size and shape desired. Although we won’t have replicators in our homes […]

Watson, come here. I want you.

Famous words spoken by Thomas Alva Edison carry a whole new meaning next week as Watson, the IBM computing system, will compete over 3 consecutive days against Brad Rutter and Ken Jennings. Each of the human contestants will donate 50% of their earnings to charity and IBM will donate all of Watson’s winning. The winner […]

Dr. Susan Calvin, I Presume?

In 1950 Alan Turing devised a series of tests, which have come to be known as The Turing Test. This test tries to formulate a philosophical basis for the question, “Can a machine convince a human that it is human simply by intellectual interaction?” or, “Can a machine think?”  As sick as one can get […]

Science Fiction-Science Fact – Mars, A One Way Trip?

This month’s issue of The Journal of Cosmology is dedicated to essays from prominent scientists with the unified theme of Mars Exploration.  Many of the articles are the stuff of science facts, figures, extrapolation and, considering this IS the Journal of Cosmology, that makes sense. What is causing some quiet talk around the Hadron Collider […]

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