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Filling in the “Foundation” Series–The Second Foundation Trilogy

In a recent podcast guest Bill Walko commented he was looking for people interested in taking his characters and incorporating them into their own writing, a mindset unusual enough that it generated considerable discussion. That comment reminded me of a similar successful effort related to one of the all time great science fiction group of […]

The Multiverse – Physics Catches up with Sci-Fi

In earlier pieces here I’ve talked about the Heinlein “multiverse” and how I consider the idea of parallel universes one of the successful predictions of science fiction. Along comes physicist Brian Greene to support that assertion in a far more elegant way than I could. His book The Hidden Reality: Parallel Universes and the Deep […]

Isaac Asimov’s “Nightfall”: The Triumph of Ignorance

In honor of the special tribute to Isaac Asimov on the podcast this week I thought I’d share some thoughts on one of his superlative short stories (almost always ranked as one of the top sci-fi short stories all time), “Nightfall”. Although written when he was only 21, it captures two of the key elements […]

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