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Alphas – Super. But Human.

SyFy has a some amazing quality programming on their hands, and one of the shining stars thus far is Alphas. Season 1 followed the main characters’ journey from squabbling individuals to a working group of super humans staying hidden in plain sight. There are still flaws and mysteries for them to work out, but the […]

The New Television Season and Science Fiction Part 2 – The Sarah Conner Chronicles

At first glance this is a bad idea, yet another remake of a successful movie franchise. Television has the bad habit of grabbing a series in its decline and turning into a bloodfest with actors writers and directors all pointing their collective fingers at each other trying desperately to affix the blame for its failure on anyone but them.

ComiCon had the fortune to air the pilot for this series (not due to air till midseason as a replacement) and followed it with a panel discussion with the main actors, director and writer. So, first
The Facts:

Setting- takes place in the series between T2 and T3

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