TalkCast 532 – Can I Offer You A Root Beer?

In the land of snarky comic science fiction there is a place where you go and someone yells out “NORM!!!!” or perhaps in this case “VANCE!!!”, as in this ‘Cast we are once again joined by C.T. Phipps and his sometimes partner in crime, the enigmatic Michael Suttkus to discuss book two of their space operatic extravaganza Space Academy Rejects. Some questions the reader might have in reading book two of a series, do I have to read the first book to have gainful understanding and enjoyment of this one? No and yes. I hope that clears it up. Secondly, is this book a stand alone? Maybe? Are there going to be more in the series? Why, of course there are! As always , the conversation meanders wherever it wants to and diverges as it should. The book is much like this interview, great fun. We all in Area 51 cannot wait for book three so we might have these gentlemen back to not explain everything yet again (they seem to do that very well) So, say hi to cousin Danny, if you happen to see him.

Actually C.T. Phipps

C.T. Stuff

NOT Michael Suttkus

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