TalkCast 475 – Yog-Sothothory For Dummies and Cultists

51qGyVVNgzL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_There are times when you find yourself in the deep end of the swimming pool without your water wings. Welcome to TalkCast 475, in which Dome finds himself uncomfortable ensconsconsed between two friends, co-host Commander Cam and guest C.T. Phipps, far more knowledgeable than he is upon this evening’s subject, i.e., Yog-Sothoth. And… a good time was had by all as I got the chance to ask a ton of stupid questions and we all got to have a ton of laughs about the myth and mythos of Lovcraftian weirdness in this newest creation including simply hysterically wild, wierd and utterly outstandingly brilliant stories by wonderdful authors including C.T and his friends Matthew Davenport, David Hambling, David Niall Wilson and David J. West.

Learning about Lovecraft is a lot like trying to sculpt with water in that nothing is really real or ever actually true or even really pronounceable. I found myself both lost and giggling and having more fun just listening than I had in quite a long time. I surely hope you will too.

Enjoy the Mountains Of Madness.


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