TalkCast 466 – Prose and Cons (with apologies to Eddie Murphy)

Why do bad things always happen to good people? Why  does the perfect point on your pencil always snap off? What do you trip on your own shoe laces? Why have all the conventions been cancelled? Damned if we know but we  talked about them anyway with one of our best convention buddies Keith Gleason, even though we have never actually seen him trip on his shoe laces.

Our conversation started with one of our favorite topics;comic cons, and whether we will see any this year.  It is a conversation that included artists, authors and creative types not having a lot of venues to show what they create and that led to us discovering that Keith along with a friend of the show Johnny C have started their own podcast on YouTube called Indie Comics Relay.on their show they give a venue for those creating independent comics to strut their stuff.

In a year that has become a total bummer with a teeny tiny light at the end of a long dark tunnel it was wonderful to play ketchup with a genuinely nice guy and great friend who works hard within the geek community to create a positive oasis. Be it Plastic City or Might Mascots or now Indie Comic Relay,welcome to The Five Timers Club!

Official Five Timer's Club Member

Official Five Timer’s Club Member


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TalkCast 465 – You Put The Lime in the Coconut…..Drink It and What What Happens

The Psychedelic Film And Music Festival

The Psychedelic Film And Music Festival

  • What happiness when you bring Flaming Chicken, Psychedelicatessen, Uberfrog, The Funhouse Waltz, Nina of The Woods and a veritable plethora of films from around the globe hosted by the inimitable Dan Abella. Why, once  again  my friends, it’s time for The 3rd Annual Psychedelic Film and Music Festival, and what makes it so magnificently different this year is that it’s being held during the Covid-19 Pandemic (I know that sounds oxymoronic but bear with me). 
  • The Bad New?
  • Because it cannot be held within the confines of a traditional film festival (within a theater) the amazing Mr. Abella has been forced to find a different content medium.
  • The Good News?
  • He Did and it’s kinda cool. One might call it “Abellaish” (If I was the one to do it). For the four days of the festival participants will be able to watch;
  • Individual  films
  • Blocks of films
  • Entire Days of films
  • Or
  • The Entire Festival
  • And the rates are incredibly reasonab

Is this a new way to run a festival and make it a World Wide Event or perhaps a hybrid event? Is this a stepping stone to a new reality for events like this, where you can be there or not…. Or both?

Leave it to Abella to bring things to the next level.


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Official Five Timer's Club Member

Official Five Timer’s Club Member

Talkcast 464 – If Audiobooks Could Talk..No Wait, That’s A Dumb Title

Jeffrey A, Carver

Jeffrey A, Carver

2020 has been a long year like no other,  but through the ridiculous circumstance and hardship there have been ………. moments……..  During this “Year of The Pandemic”  we have been forced by means of social distancing to not be able to see in person the people we usually do and as a result have gotten to meet many new and amazingly talented people who shared their creations with us.  Authors, Documentarian, Short Film creators, teams building innovative content in times when it is difficult to create as well as talking with many old friends.  

Before we close out this year we invited back someone who has become  a friend of the show.  Jeffrey Carver came on to talk about the release of the audiobook versions of The Reefs of Time and Crucible of Time, but like any good conversation it didn’t stay there long.  We talked about picking the right voice actor to narrate your book, a process Jeffrey takes very seriously.  We moved on to discussing the publishing industry in general and his successful effort to get one of his older books, Panglor, back into print.  And finally, we talked about some of his offers for the holiday season that can be found in his Etsy shop and a few of us here are more than tempted to take him up on. We ending the interview with a snippet of one of his newest audio books to tease your aural palette.

It was another fun and engaging interview with an author we can’t wait to have back again.




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TalkCast 463 – If Safety Deposit Boxes Could Talk

Kathrin Hutson

Kathrin Hutson

Here at Sci Fi Saturday Night, we read a lot of books.  In fact, that may be an understatement this year more than most due to the understandable peculiarities that pandemics do to us.  In reading as many books as we have over this “pandenterious” time we have discovered many many things. One thing we have kind of come to agreement on is that if you haven’t somehow been in some way engaged by a book by page 50 or so you probably are not going to be.  Let it not be said that there have been exceptions to this rule, but mostly it holds up.  HOWEVER, when a book pulls you in after 50 sentences and doesn’t let go, that, my dear friends and listeners is an engaging story, and what we have come to expect from Kathrin Hutson.

Kathrin makes her third visit to the show, this time to showcase her foray into the world of urban fantasy with The Witching Vault.  The Witching Vault revolves around witch Jessica Northwood’s experiences becoming employed by and on the same day discovering she owns The Winthrop & Dirledge Security Bank, a bank that exclusively serves the magical population of Golden, CO.  Kathrin, in her diabolically evil way, drops a trail of Pop Tart crumbs behind her to tantalize the reader into wanting to know more like any sugar product would. Her inherently evil plotting ways entice the reader to want to know more with every single turn of the page, be it physical or electronic. This style has become her hallmark and she executes it more and more beautifully with each work.

Enjoy the surgery.

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The Witching Vault

The Witching Vault


Talkcast462 – Reality Is Subjective, Subjectivly Speaking

JM Landels

JM Landels

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Is the pen truly mightier than the sword?

Questions like these and many others have troubled mankind (the species, not the wrestler) for millennia.  For an answer to the first question I might ask Neil deGrasse Tyson. On this show we perhaps have  someone uniquely qualified to take a “stab” at the second conundrum.

Please join us in welcoming JM Landels, writer, illustrator, publisher, editor, equestrian, sword-fighter, musician and many more skills than can be listed here or mentioned in our far too short interview with her.  As a writer, editor and sword-fighter she enlightens and informs us upon the second conundrum with wit, intelligence and a wry sense of fun.

Jen talks with us about her beginnings of sword-fighting, her time as a singer and  musician, before we move on to the first books in her trilogy of novels, Allaigna’s Song: Aria and  Overture. We finish by talking about Pulp Literature, a quarterly digest filled with a little bit of something for almost everyone, which she is the managing editor for.

Multitalented is a word thrown around alot these days but in our opinion JM Landels has rightfully earned this word attached to her name.  It was a fun interview.

Enjoy the punnery. 


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Allaigna's Song: Overture

Allaigna’s Song: Aria

Allaigna's Song: Overture

Allaigna’s Song: Overture



TalkCast 461 – Welcome to Lockdown Theatre

Welcome to Tough Trip Through Hell. Every so often we at Sci Fi Saturday Night find something so very different and wonderfully interesting that even if it doesn’t fit into our usual fair we want others to learn about.  This show is one of those.   During this pandemic, when any entertainment is limited, it is fascinating when we get to see something new streamed into our eye and ear holes in an innovative and creative way.  On this show we talk to return guest Bruce Olav Solheim along with the cast and crew of a fascinating offering.  First off it is a western set post Civil War.  Not our usual fare, but then you look at how they did it.  Live streamed theater where the actors are currently “locked down” in their separate homes with green screen backdrops created using the Unreal Engine,  the same engine that powers video games.  That is what Lockdown Theatre brings us.  Theatre meets film meets video games. Welcome to the pandemic.

As we all hope to get back to “normalcy” some day, what the team at Lockdown Theatre has done gives us some interesting frontiers for future entertainment with possibilities of actors and creators around the world being able to work on and act in projects without having to be co-located.  An interesting prospect to say the least.


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Tough Trip Through Hell 2


Rico E Anderson as Ezekiel Pompeii

Rick Walters as Samuel Wilson

Rachelle Henry as Calamity Jane

Tommy Hestmark as Sheriff Henry Plummer

Nicole Lockett as Madame Dumont

Rose Ellis as Ma Plummer

Jaki Harada as Lisa Little Bear

Jeff Harada as Hao Fan

The Innocents

Toby Guebert as Red

Staggerlee Cole as White

Ryan J Lyle as Blue

Kelsey Nixon as Sluice Box Sally

Produced by Rick Walters

Assistant EP – Ginger Marie de Villa Rose

Streamplay written by Bruce Olav Solheim PhD

Technical Director Jordan Martin

Musical Director Emma Frost Rostykus

Stage Manager  Ryan J Lyle

Voodoo Puppet by Ginger Marie de Villa Rose

Storyboard artist  Sean Swaby

2D Artist  Race Walters

Credits and Titles Design  TJ Walker

Based on story by David A Wilson

TalkCast 460 – Busking As Seen Through a Prism

6b4ef9af-cbe7-4a1c-96d7-038da9b3d1a1If you’re old enough to remember Simon and Garfunkle AND you remember their early work AND you remember it fondly, you might remember one of their very early classics Old Friends/Bookends and if you mull over the lyrics of that wonderful classic song it was very much like this show. In this episode we get to spend time with an old friend in every sense of the word and it felt like a moment frozen in amber to speak once again with creator/writer/musician George O’Connor about his latest jewel in the sky,  Charlie’s Spot with art by Meredith Laxton, colors by Allie Pipitone, and letters by Taylor Esposito

We wanted to speak with George about this project for a multitude of reasons, not the least of which were:

  • This is unlike anything he has ever done before
  • This is a Kickstarter which needs everyone’s support at a time when creators have very few outlets
  • He actually has a PRE KICKSTARTER announcement page.

If you know George as we all do and have missed him, you are going to enjoy the next hour. If this is your first “George” experience, sit back and take the time to allow yourself the pleasure of listening to a man who truly enjoys the art of creation and the art of sharing it.

People like George are why we do this.


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Charlie's Spot

Charlie’s Spot

A 5 Timers Club Inductee

A Proud Member of the 5 Timers Club

TalkCast 459 – The Problem With Memory Marks

Jenna Greene

Jenna Greene

The concept of “Young Adult” fiction within the science fiction/fantasy genre  has evolved significantly over the years. What was once a very restrictive genre has become open to very modern interpretations as society evolves. In this episode we talk with Jenna Greene about her new book, titled Reborn. It is the first in a series about a young girl that due to a quirk of birth that shows up in her teens marks her to be sold into slavery.  This story follows her time as a slave, her escape, and her journey to find the Unclaimed Land where Reborn like herself can live free.  We meet friends, allies, and betrayers along the way and learn about the world that all of this takes place in.  


So sit back and listen, as we learn about Reborn and how Jenna created this book.  Enjo


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TalkCast 458 – PKD During The Pandemic In Paris



If you’re going to put  a film festival on in this god forsaken year and it’s going to be a Philip K Dick Film Festival, AND it’s  going to be in Paris , well then, here’s the guy who’s going to do it and pull it off with some amazing films. Our guest tonight is Dan Abella, the man behind the PKD Film Festival, this year originating in Paris. And in true Abella style (and under rigid international pandemic protocols) he is running the entire operation from his New York offices.

And like every Dan Abella interview, we ran the gamut of topics from remote viewing for military purposes, to critical thinking and multiple analysis of evidence in current society, and how Philip K Dick was doing that 50 years ago. Of course we also spent  some time talking about the incredible international lineup of films for this years event, which then branched off into another discussion into the razor thin future some of these movies portray.; closer today than tomorrow’s sunrise. And that is the beauty of this festival, those futures may not be hundreds of years or months or days….

They may be tomorrow morning.

Enjoy the paranoia.


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TalkCast 457 – I’ve Seen Smoke and I’ve seen Rain

V.S. Holmes

V.S. Holmes



Eat your heart out James Taylor because in tonight’s episode we  interview V. S. Holmes and it doesn’t involve Nel Bently.  With the Nel Bentley series we see a wonderful series of sci fi stories with great characters. In this episode, we see V’s other side with Smoke and Rain and transition to see her fantasy world. Oddly enough, this is the first world she ever created and helped in no small way become the amazing  writer she is today..

Her current fantasy series consists of two duologies:


  • Smoke and Rain
  • Lightning and rain


  • Madness and Gods
  • Blood and Mercy

Tonight we set the Wayback Machine to talk about those golden days of yesteryear and her very first

book in the very first series of her very first fantasy adventure. It was an interesting look back in time for everyone into how the series first developed and how it has evolved over the years AND how it will continue. Having V on the cast is proof, once again, that when you have a brilliant inventive mind, everything is possible.


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Smoke and Rain

Smoke and Rain


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