TalkCast 517 – Eternity’s Well

In this episode we get to talk with Zachary Hagen about book one of 5 in the Eternal Chronicles Series, Eternity’s Well. This first book in the series is , for him, a work which in many ways parallels many emotional moments in his life and took years to complete. As a result, he spoke about the interminable re-writes he needed to make to clarify concepts and characters to the readers and the importance of working with his editor. We also got the chance to touch upon the grand scope of this narrative and just how far Zachary wishes to take it in coming books. Enjoy the discussion!



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TalkCast 516 – Vlada


In this episode, we speak with Christopher Denmead about his “graphic Novella Vlada: A Dracula Tale, which is  beautifully illustrated by Ken Hunt. Chris talks about the amazing intricacies of  how this book came about and the trials of production during Covid. We also got to chat about his Radio of Horror show. Enjoy!



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Edward Willett

In this “Cast we talk again with Edward Willett and touch upon a number of subjects. Among them were his anthologies, Shaper of Worlds, where they came from, his podcast his publishing company and how in the heck he does it all while continuing to write. It is kind of amazing how much Ed does while also maintaining a YouTube channel with some very interesting content. Join us for a wide ranging conversation with Edward Willett.



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TalkCast 514 – The Truth About Canadian Werewolves

Mark Leslie

In this episode, author Mark Leslie returns and  talks about his latest book in the Canadian Werewolf series Fright Nights, Big City, reintroducing us to Michael Andrews and his cast of intriguing characters in the continuing story of fighting the good fight and finding themselves along the way. Mark has created a fascinating subculture just below the surface we acknowledge and in doing so makes for a cast of wonderfully real characters that you care for, root for and feel for throughout the stories as their lives are revealed. This is the innovational storytelling that transcends the “ordinary” werewolf retelling into a modern look into society that is both fascinating and frightening, as it should be. Using current history and modern themes this series brings a team of “powered” entities together for common goals without their knowledge, interweaving hearts and minds in a wonderfully complex tapestry of modern tropes and themes.

It’s a fun book, a fun series and a wonderful fun conversation with Mark. Enjoy.


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TalkCast 513 – What’s New Ceara Comeau?

In tonight’s ‘Cast we take a moment to check in with one of our friends, Ceara Comeau and ask the musical question, “Sup?” (which is not in fact a musical question at all). We  talked about what it’s been like for her during ands coming out of the pandemic and her time coming back to the convention scene. We also got to talk about her latest partnership with Killarney Traynor in Book Sister Productions, how it started, what they have done so far, what they have planned and visions for the future. As it always has been, the future seems bright for the formerly blue haired girl. Check out “The Time Travelers”, a short video.


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TalkCast 512 – The Color Cyan, Just Because

Mandy Eve-Barnett

In this episode, we get a rare glimpse into the mind of a very diverse writer Mandy Eve-Barnett. We got the chance to talk with her about to of her very interesting novellas The Rython Kingdom and the Rython Legacy. Both stories take place in a wonderful reality of myth and magic and we got the chance to explore with Mandy where this originated as well as how her life and travels gave her inspiration for this as well as her other works. Paying homage and respect to legend and myth while worldbuilding her own, the world of Rython is both complex and compelling and Mandy gave insight as to its inception and development.

It was a fun and insightful discussion. Enjoy.


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TalkCast 511 – Fast Times At Hemophilia High

Rich Davis

Welcome to another snappy title to an absolutely oddball  ‘Cast. Today/tonight/whenever we are proud to present Rich Davis, creator of Rise of Dracula. On the surface  this comic series is, as he puts it, gore porn and if you take his word it sure can be. The actions and graphics are……graphic and terrifyingly so. However, the moment you take a step back and peel back the violence you as a reader begin to see a  world building, a philosophy, the fragility of freedom, balance and society. Who would have thought that that was where the conversation would have spun? Holly Would. Enjoy!



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Rise Of Dracula

TalkCast 510 – It’s A Candy Mint, No, It’s a Breath Mint!

…and that’s right, yet another culturally obtuse ‘cast title as we bring two guests to you, one of whom is kinda a newcomer, the other has been with us since TalkCast 37(for those of you keeping score, that was June 9, 2010). First, the noob, and when we call him a noob it is with fondness because Trevor Fernandez-Lenkiewicz has published episode 3 of his 6 book series Area 51 – The Helix Project and this is something we have loved talking with him about since its inception, especially now that episode 4 is on Kickstarter and doing very well. It was fin to catch up with Trevor and see what’s new in his little part of Area 51

The Second part of the ‘Cast was devoted to “The Twisted Mined Of George O’Connor” and His latest project , also on Kickstarter (along with fellow twistee Diana Porter) more that appropriately named Toddler-pocalypse. (not for nothing but it seems to me there should be and exclamation point at the end of the title) George and SFSN share a bitter, cruel and perverse relationship that goes back many years and he is truly my brother, so when I heard this  book was coming out, we had to get him on. So, what’s the worst thing about the end of the world? “If you kinds cant behave in the back seat, I’m turning this car around!” As he gave me the very first set up and I saw some art work I went….yup

Area 51 The Helix Project Episode 3

TalkCast 509 – Best Book Featuring A Zombie Named Cameron

Kristi Charish

In this ‘Cast we welcome back Kristi Charish to talk about her new zombie series which begins with the book, The Voodoo Killings, get an introduction to her latest protagonist Kincade Strange and talk about the setting for this newest book in the “Underground City” of Seattle. This is a wonderful  first novel for a series which gives the reader  a great introduction into Kristi’s take on vampires, ghosts, zombies and all manner of otherworldly things that go bump in the night and wow it is just filled with easter eggs and wonderfully written surprises. We both had a wonderful time reading it and an even more wonderful time talking to Kristi about the how’s and whys of where it came from and where it’s going.

Enjoy The chaos!


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TalkCast 508 – You Had One Job

Mercedes Lackey

In this “Cast we got the rare opportunity to speak with a Grand Master of the genre and holy crap was it fun. As a writer of well over 150 book Mercedes Lackey continues to have an amazing career, this year being named SWFA Damon Knight Memorial Grand Master (congratulations n stuff) as well as publishing her umpteenth novel, Reboots: Undead Can Dance along with Cody Martin (who’s collaboration is quite the story its own self).


The best thing about a conversation with Mercedes is that you never know where it’s going to start or finish and how it’s going to meander along the way. This is how we spent the interview. I cannot remember having this much fun with a Grand Master of the genre in ages! The book is fun, the story is fun, the journey is fun and the lady is amazing. Please  enjoy



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