TalkCast 510 – It’s A Candy Mint, No, It’s a Breath Mint!

…and that’s right, yet another culturally obtuse ‘cast title as we bring two guests to you, one of whom is kinda a newcomer, the other has been with us since TalkCast 37(for those of you keeping score, that was June 9, 2010). First, the noob, and when we call him a noob it is with fondness because Trevor Fernandez-Lenkiewicz has published episode 3 of his 6 book series Area 51 – The Helix Project and this is something we have loved talking with him about since its inception, especially now that episode 4 is on Kickstarter and doing very well. It was fin to catch up with Trevor and see what’s new in his little part of Area 51

The Second part of the ‘Cast was devoted to “The Twisted Mined Of George O’Connor” and His latest project , also on Kickstarter (along with fellow twistee Diana Porter) more that appropriately named Toddler-pocalypse. (not for nothing but it seems to me there should be and exclamation point at the end of the title) George and SFSN share a bitter, cruel and perverse relationship that goes back many years and he is truly my brother, so when I heard this  book was coming out, we had to get him on. So, what’s the worst thing about the end of the world? “If you kinds cant behave in the back seat, I’m turning this car around!” As he gave me the very first set up and I saw some art work I went….yup

Area 51 The Helix Project Episode 3

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