TalkCast 473 – When Something Works…. Fix it.

Anvil-Issue-01-coverOn this edition, it’s all about evolution. About two years ago we got to meet Scot and Jane Noel as they began their process of building the passion project of a magazine of science fiction that they had alway wanted; Dreamforge a magazine of hope and positivism able to balance out the current wave of dystopian futurism (excuse the editorial slant of this writer….). I personally loved the idea, its concept, and execution and was, from inception, a vocal supporter.

And then, covid hit. And with it, jobs were  lost, the mail system was gutted, and with the economy sagging a new model had to be found for Dreamforge to continue to survive economically. Scot and Jane Noel join us to talk about the reimagination of Dreamforge Anvil as an online presence, how it will be similar and different from its predecessor, why they were forced to change it and why they believe it is an improvement.


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