TalkCast 525 – I Get It, The Earth Is A F**ked Up Place

It’s a funny thing about wars in space. Just when you think you know who you’re fighting, you learn you just might be mistaken. This is kind of where we pick up the narrative with David E. Kelly, author of Kwelengsen Dawn: Logan’s World, Book Two, because, to abuse the olde joke, there really were just so damn many unanswered questions in Book One. And that, dear listeners, is where tonight’s conversation begins.The guarantee is not that all the queries will be answered, for surely (and don’t call him Shirley) they will not, however, once again David provides interesting insight into the characters and plot development as well as where book three may well lead. Capt Cam once again provides amusing counterpoint as well as a smashing new recipe for Cambodian Stuffed Groat Clusters. 

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