TalkCast 428 – The First Year of Dreamforge

Dreamforge Magazine Issue #4

Dreamforge Magazine Issue #4

In this episode we get to touch base with Scot and Jane Noel, the founders of the grand experiment called Dreamforge Magazine and get the chance to both look back over the past year as well as look forward to what we can expect in the next “season of positivity” that Dreamforge brings us with each new volume. For the uninitiated, Dreamforge is a print/e magazine which combines the best qualities of both thanks to the passion and care Scot and Jane bring to each issue. They also provide a “Readers’ Portal” on the website with all sorts of hidden gems and surprises.

Our conversation began with a look back at the original Kickstarter and how the entire project has grown and evolved far beyond the original concept. Scot and Jane talked about how their passion for this project has matured over its initial year and how their own skills have evolved and grown over this time.

One of the things that shows more than anything else is their passion for this and keeping that in Jane Noel picmind we then explored what Year Two might look like. In the course of that conversation we got to talk about some surprises for Issue 5 and beyond including a story by Grandmaster Robert Silverberg, and a cover illustration by the amazing Chaz Kemp.

The best thing about a project like Dreamforge is watching it grow and evolve. Join us for a very special conversation. The check out the website and help Dreamforge brow even more in its’ second year.



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