TalkCast 534 – Duatero’s Just Another Word For Nothin’ Left To Lose

Brad C. Anderson

In this show we get the chance to talk with world builder Brad C. Anderson and how he used the meta-concept of a “generation ship” to help propel a wonderful new novel about lost pasts and new futures, Duatero. We spoke with Brad about the many facets and wonderful gambits he used throughout the book to add context and background to the story as well as propel the narrative using the five main characters; Kredo, Talia, Esperanto, Jak and Mihaelo. Each one is sublimely different and holds up differing cornerstones of this society as the reader navigates through this bafflingly complex yet somehow very close to understandable environment. As a reader, you are sent on and intellectual treasure hunt to find the clues along with the Majestro to unlock the clues behind the mystery of The Great Founder Donna.




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