Holmes Reboot – Excellent!

For the past few weeks, on our Talkcasts, we have been talking about the BBC re-adaptation of Sherlock Holmes and how awesome it was. Here’s the good news. It debuted in the US last weekend at the New York Comicon to wild enthusiasm. The crowd loved the Steven Moffat special feature discussion about how the modern day adaptation came about and they were stunned by the glimpses of the first episode.

Now for the even better news, the show will be available in the US in 2 different ways.  It will be broadcast on PBS as part of Masterpiece Theater, beginning on Oct. 24th. It will ALSO be available on DVD with a slew of goodies.

Things to remember about this series:  It has the quirkiness of the BBC, in that the writing is spectacular, the acting is so wonderfully eccentric and the camera work and editing are nothing short of superb. Oh, and btw, a second season has been announced. More info available here and here. (Thanks to io9)

This is Dome sayin’:  I like this a lot.

One Response to “Holmes Reboot – Excellent!”

  1. Gotta agree with you, Dome — this is hands-down the best Sherlock Holmes I’ve seen in a long time; maybe ever. I’m more excited to see new episodes of this than I am to see more Doctor Who! Congratulations to Steve Moffat for modernizing Holmes without patronizing the audience. Bravo.

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