To Boldly Die…………

Geekdom knows no boundaries. Yes, I have a Bajoran earring, a Harley Quinn Barbie Doll and the entire series of Models, Inc. the comic. As I said, geekdom knows no boundaries, but I do believe I have reached mine with this.

Eternal Image offers the Trek geek the empowerment of being buried in a Trek Coffin or having their ashes in a Trek Urn. Is this any worse than a KISS Coffin (also available)? Look, fandom is one thing. I will freely admit to having a more than passingly unhealthy attraction to obsession with Harley Quinn, but I wonder how my family might feel seeing a “United Federation of Planets” medallion on my headstone. Would the money not be better spent on a replica of Serenity?

You see, it comes down to this, I was raised with the notion of the one with the  most toys wins, and I have always followed this minor obsession. With the help and support of family and staff and a rigorous 12 step program, I am slowly coming to grips with…

This is Dome, sayin’: oh the hell with it, it’s only money.

2 Responses to “To Boldly Die…………”

  1. Dome, when that terrible, terrible day comes, we will have Scotty play “Amazing Grace” over your coffin before we shoot your dead ass over to the Genesis planet.

    I shoulda got a job writing for Hallmark cards….

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