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Z*Con The Kickstarter Project Begins

Writer, director, producer, artist, speaker, co-founder of Big Damn Films, and gentleman genius, Michael Dougherty (you remember him from Browncoats: Redemption) comes back into the world of film making and social activism. The whole idea of Big Damn Films has always been to give back to the community, to charities and make amazing films. Here’s […]

TalkCast 104 – Kathleen Marden

This week’s SFSN Facebook Poll – Name your favorite evil robot. The Walking Dead, Season begins with 2 record ratings. American Horror Story Scarlett Johansson’s catsuit and other Marvel(s) for sale. Michael Bay says no to Transformers 4. BSG – The Movie to be written by John Orloff. Joss Whedon and Warren Ellis together for […]

TalkCast 101 – Resa Nelson

  This week’s SFSN Facebook Poll: The DeLorean is the hottest Sci Fi   Car, take that, McFly. Locke and Key, The Board Game. Kriana recommends Goodreads. What does Dark Shadows really hold for us? Peter Dinklage wins an Emmy. Cameron talks about Avatar MMO. DC’s New 52 gets old very quickly. True Blood’s Pam in Once […]

TalkCast 87 – L. Neil Smith

The reboot of the entire DC Universe. Fox to do King Kong animation from the gorilla POV. Britain ill equipped for the zombie apocalypse. British Film Board rejects Human Centipede II. Roy Skelton, voice of the Daleks, dies. Tron Legacy 2? Michael J. Fox to do voice in BTTF Video Game. Star Wars Kinect Game […]

TalkCast 63 – The Dragons Bard Project

RIP Leslie Nielsen, don’t call him Shirley. The Lost Craig Ferguson Dr. Who Opening. Holidays Specials for Dr. Who, Eureka and Warehouse 13. Holiday Goodness! The Walking Dead writers purge rumors and a fond farewell to Season 1. No Ordinary Family fares well on the network scene. Seth Rogan has a good 2 minutes in […]

TalkCast 60 – Samantha Boyette

RIP Dino DeLaurentiis Steve Moffat adding sexual tension to Dr. Who Website of the Week: Our Valued Customers. DC Comics claims Monthly’s are dying, Graphic Novels are the key to the future. Obscene and Heard, new game: The Marvel Brothel. Fringe – The Number Stations. The Walking Dead  renewed.  Zombies would clap if their flesh […]

Ted Sturgeon’s Second Law and Episode Two of The Walking Dead

As Yoda would say, “Tired, I become, of all the haters I hear,” and yes, Yoda is correct. Episode 2 of the Walking Dead was great fun and yet the haters and snarks and grumblers in the Inter-webs abound with every stupid comment one can conceive about why it’s just not good. I argue that […]

TalkCast 59 – Boston ComiCon Preview

Eliza Dushku on Big Bang Theory The Walking Dead on AMC My Neighbor Totoro parody on South Park Shepherd Book gets his origin story in Firefly Comics Zac Efron in talks to star in Akira X-Files 3, why? Our guest tonight, Colin Solan from Boston ComiCon Make a comment on this post on the website […]

The Walking Dead on AMC

When a television show begins its premiere episode with a cop shooting a zombie girl, exploding her head, the viewer has no doubt about where the show is going.  As I watched the first episode, I was giddy, finally a television series that was respectful of its source material. The overnights are calling it the […]

Mutants of the Apocalypse

If you’ve got seven and a half minutes to kill, check out “Mutants of the Apocalypse” — the winner for this year’s Providence 2010 48Hour Film Competition and the most fun you’ll have since the F— Me Ray Bradbury video.  Mutants!  Zombies!  Nazis!  Mutant Nazi Zombies!  Set in the far, far distant future of 2020 […]

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