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TalkCast 106 – A First Look at Boston ComicCon 2012

This Week’s SFSN Facebook Poll: Our fans’  favorite character to come back from the dead is Buffy Summers. RIP – Richard Gordon, creator of Fiend Without A Face and Dragstrip Girl. Kate Beckinsale is 3D in Underworld Awakening. Networks see Grimm and Once Upon A Time as the same? Women have their pick of guys […]

TalkCast 105 – Tricks and Treats

This week’s Facebook SFSN Poll winner is The Gunslinger. The new Miyazaki Trailer. Dark Tower headed to HBO. Alice Cooper to be in Dark Shadows. Steven Spielberg hated Indiana Jones IV. Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing. The official website. Ender’s Game release date announced. The theory behind building a space station on an asteroid. Once Upon […]

TalkCast 102 – Steve Bissette

Tonight’s TalkCast is dedicated to the memory of Armitage Tambascia, daughter of Alex and Joy Tambascia, who were guests on the ‘Cast. We’ll miss you Steve Jobs, a man who made science fiction into science fact This week’s SFSN Facebook poll results. Fringe holds its audience, Terra Nova, not so much. DC grabs market share […]

TalkCast 101 – Resa Nelson

  This week’s SFSN Facebook Poll: The DeLorean is the hottest Sci Fi   Car, take that, McFly. Locke and Key, The Board Game. Kriana recommends Goodreads. What does Dark Shadows really hold for us? Peter Dinklage wins an Emmy. Cameron talks about Avatar MMO. DC’s New 52 gets old very quickly. True Blood’s Pam in Once […]

TalkCast 87 – L. Neil Smith

The reboot of the entire DC Universe. Fox to do King Kong animation from the gorilla POV. Britain ill equipped for the zombie apocalypse. British Film Board rejects Human Centipede II. Roy Skelton, voice of the Daleks, dies. Tron Legacy 2? Michael J. Fox to do voice in BTTF Video Game. Star Wars Kinect Game […]

TalkCast 64 – 3 Men and a Non-Sparkly Vampire

Where else can you hear bout a Pro Vampire Move? TRON: LEGACY out this weekend. ‘Black Hole’ based short film. (nsfw) YouTube has removed this video, spoilsports! David Fincher will direct 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea. Syfy Movie Studio? Sharktopus comes to the big screen? Please? SGU Cancelled: Totally called that one. Unreleased footage discovered […]

TalkCast 60 – Samantha Boyette

RIP Dino DeLaurentiis Steve Moffat adding sexual tension to Dr. Who Website of the Week: Our Valued Customers. DC Comics claims Monthly’s are dying, Graphic Novels are the key to the future. Obscene and Heard, new game: The Marvel Brothel. Fringe – The Number Stations. The Walking Dead  renewed.  Zombies would clap if their flesh […]

Another year, another Crisis

Another week, another “crisis” over at the DC Universe.  This time it’s called “Final Crisis”, as opposed to Crisis On Infinte Earths, Zero Hour, and Infinite Crisis (oh, and let’s not forget the Countdown to Infinite Crisis and Countdown to Final Crisis).  This is IT, promises DC.  Everything changes!  Hoo-hah, you won’t believe your eyes!

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