Another year, another Crisis

Another week, another “crisis” over at the DC Universe.  This time it’s called “Final Crisis”, as opposed to Crisis On Infinte Earths, Zero Hour, and Infinite Crisis (oh, and let’s not forget the Countdown to Infinite Crisis and Countdown to Final Crisis).  This is IT, promises DC.  Everything changes!  Hoo-hah, you won’t believe your eyes!

And when I read the hype, all I can think is why do people still read DC books?  Seriously, everything you’ve been reading will no longer exist, because DC books are continuity nightmares and get completely scrapped every few years.  For example, back in the late 1980s, Tim Truman did an amazing miniseries called Hawkworld.  Well-drawn, well-written; this three-issue miniseries blew me away with its new origin story of Hawkman.  Time passes, and suddenly an Infinitely Zero Hour of Crisis comes along and now DC does not recognize that Hawkworld exists.  Forget those stories, but try our new ones, okay?  We won’t write these out of continuity, we promise. 

People, please write back to me.  I really want to know why someone would follow DC’s books when they arbitrarily dump them every so often. 

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