TalkCast 102 – Steve Bissette

The Whisperer in Darkness

Tonight’s TalkCast is dedicated to the memory of Armitage Tambascia, daughter of Alex and Joy Tambascia, who were guests on the ‘Cast.

This week’s guest is Steve Bissette.
He teaches at The Center for Cartoon Studies. On October 20th he will host the premiere of the film “The Whisperer In Darkness” as a fundraiser to help White River Junction’s Main Street Museum, which was damaged by Vermont’s recent floods. He will be speaking at the Vermont Law School on Oct. 21 on the subject, “Marvel vs. Jack Kirby: Legal Rights & Ethical Might”, and on Oct. 30, he will  appear at The Saturday Fright Halloween Spooktacular VI Special.


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2 Responses to “TalkCast 102 – Steve Bissette”

  1. RDaneelOlivaw


    You’d better believe I’d get on your ass for bringing up faster than light neutrinos! :-) You’re probably too young to remember another “experimental revelation”–cold fusion–back in 1989, but the initial results weren’t replicated. Not that I think CERN and OPERA are fudging results (as seemed to be the case in the cold fusion experiment), but you were exactly right…I’d caution patience until/if the experimental results are replicated. Can’t be giving us physicists a bad name, you know! :-)

  2. Geist

    Dr. Kriana & Steve,

    We happen to hear the podcast, we sincerely thank you and appreciate you for dedicating a show to our beloved Daughter Armitage, it truly brought tears to my eyes. To know that people will remember our daughter and the impact she had on this world, although as short as it was, means a lot to us.

    In 2012 we would look forward to someday being guests again on your show, but as you can well imagine, the lost of our daughter has caused us to temporarily stop production as we rebuild our lives. We hope that in 2012 we will be starting back up again.

    Once again a sincerely thank you to you and the staff of SciFi Saturday Night.

    -Alexander & Joy Tambascia
    MECHA Software, LLC

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