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TalkCast 104 – Kathleen Marden

This week’s SFSN Facebook Poll – Name your favorite evil robot. The Walking Dead, Season begins with 2 record ratings. American Horror Story Scarlett Johansson’s catsuit and other Marvel(s) for sale. Michael Bay says no to Transformers 4. BSG – The Movie to be written by John Orloff. Joss Whedon and Warren Ellis together for […]

Talkcast 103 – Strange Septembers

  This week’s SFSN Facebook Poll. Neil Stephenson on “Gold Farming”. Man goes through plastic surgery to become Superman. CW Shows coming to NetFlix. The Avengers Trailer comes out. Robert Downey, Jr. was as disappointed in Ironman II as everyone else was. Thor 2 pushed back to November 2013. The Divide trailer. American Horror Story […]

Nuance – The Art of Subtle Censorship in American Culture

I spent the day of 9-3-11 in Exeter, New Hampshire at their 3rd. Annual UFO Festival along with Illustrator X and The Dead Redhead. Yes, I know, kooks and octogenarians with tin foil hats, right? Well, yes and no. There were copious numbers of the usual suspects:  aged men in suits telling of The Coming […]

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