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TalkCast 372 – Rick and Julia and Mad Max

Our guests for this episode are Rick and Julia Ingham creators of the Mad Max Minute Podcast.  This is a podcast dedicated to watching every Mad Max movie one minute at a time and dissecting it in excruciating detail. We get some history on this genre, from its beginnings, as a podcast about an examination […]

Talkcast 103 – Strange Septembers

  This week’s SFSN Facebook Poll. Neil Stephenson on “Gold Farming”. Man goes through plastic surgery to become Superman. CW Shows coming to NetFlix. The Avengers Trailer comes out. Robert Downey, Jr. was as disappointed in Ironman II as everyone else was. Thor 2 pushed back to November 2013. The Divide trailer. American Horror Story […]

The Dragonslayer’s Sword by Resa Nelson – A Review

 In The Dragonslayer’s Sword, Resa Nelson has imagined a mysterious world full of fantasy and terror. She brings the reader in by abruptly dropping them into this world with  a frightened, disfigured, monster-child, Astrid, who is given away to a child seller  by her unknown parents to be disposed of. Astrid is the reader’s guide through […]

Talkcast 61 – The Minds Eye’s Thomas Gofton

Doctor Who Christmas special trailer, guest starring Michael (Dumbledore) Gambon Matt Smith on Craig Ferguson this past week Fringe moved to Friday 9pm death slot Harry Potter Movie…the same as the book. Read you damned kids. Epic Score for the Hobbit Red Riding Hood Dark Shadows gets a green light  for April 2012 Serenity Q & […]

Theatre of the Mind – Making The Case for Science Fiction on Radio – An Open Letter to Anyone

“I don’t like to think of what I write as Science Fiction. I prefer to think of it as history that just hasn’t happened yet”
Ben Bova

Does a science fiction program of “any” type have a place in current mainstream radio? Well, this is the subject of todays blog, not only from a perspective of the past including our show ,once on local Clear Channel syndication, now available in limited edition on iTunes, and looking toward the future, not just for our jolly little team of misfits, but looking well past the demise of the Bush Presidency.

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