Ted Sturgeon’s Second Law and Episode Two of The Walking Dead

Photo courtesy AMC TV

As Yoda would say, “Tired, I become, of all the haters I hear,” and yes, Yoda is correct. Episode 2 of the Walking Dead was great fun and yet the haters and snarks and grumblers in the Inter-webs abound with every stupid comment one can conceive about why it’s just not good.

I argue that this week was a logical extension of the premiere, with the requisite buckets of gore, shambling undead, uncomfortable sex and smart-assery.  I don’t know why they refer to the undead as “geeks” but, for now, I’ll play along. In stunning contrast to virtually anything else on TV right now, the amazing use of silence is truly wonderful, making the eerie quiet almost another character. Solid on so many levels, I am truly hooked.

This is Dome, sayin’: in March of 1958, Theodore Sturgeon aptly wrote, “90% of everything is crud” (I have been misquoting this for years). This was used as a resp0nse to someone asking why all SF was so bad.  Look across the dials today and you can see any number of shows that justify the 90% …The Waking Dead, so far, is not one of them.

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