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TalkCast 119 – Nauticon

Facebook Poll: Wonder Woman wins sexiest heroine. Alex Kingston on the fate of River Song. Tickets on sale for Granite State Comic Con 2012. Vote for SFSN in the NH Hippo Press. Happy Birthday to Bob Shaw and Brent Spiner. Watchman prequels. The end of Torchwood. CW’s Beauty and the Beast’s 911 origins. Wannabe Hobbits arrested. WB drops Elfquest, […]

TalkCast 110 – Steven Roman

Rocky Horror Picture Show voted Best Musical in this week’s SFSN Facebook Poll. Previous Guest Michael J. Sullivan’s book launched this week. Watchmen 2. Why are ghosts so horny on American Horror Story? Original work print of Manos: Hands of Fate found. Mid-Season Finale of The Walking Dead. Action Comics #1 sells for 2.16 Million. […]

TalkCast 59 – Boston ComiCon Preview

Eliza Dushku on Big Bang Theory The Walking Dead on AMC My Neighbor Totoro parody on South Park Shepherd Book gets his origin story in Firefly Comics Zac Efron in talks to star in Akira X-Files 3, why? Our guest tonight, Colin Solan from Boston ComiCon Make a comment on this post on the website […]

TalkCast 58 – All Hallows Eve Fright

Tonight, we eat drink and be merry  with horror writer C.J. Henderson. Terry Gillaims new short film, Legend of Hallodega. Love it or hate it, Glee Rocky Horror. (via TV Squad) Syfy Kill Caprica. (via Airlock Alpha) Syfy’s iPhone app for Ghost Hunting. (via Airlock Alpha) Roland Emmerich’s Alien Invasion Movie. (via Heat Vision) Our […]

Alan Moore and the Pipes of Doom, or “Beware! It Sings”!

As you’ve probably heard, Alan Moore has taken yet another break from his perpetually-forthcoming treatise on magick (and yes, that is actually spelled right, look it up) to release his own magazine, Dodgem Logic.  This magazine not only contains comics by the esteemed Mr. Moore, but also artwork from his League of Extraordinary Gentlemen collaborator […]

Marvelman: Do it right or don’t do it at all!!!

I’m writing this still reeling in shock from the announcement that Marvel Comics bought the rights to Marvelman.  For those of you not familiar with the character, Marvelman (called “Miracleman” in the US because Marvel Comics felt their comics empire would collapse if the word “Marvel” was used to describe anything that wasn’t theirs) was a British ripoff […]

Oh well the shark bites, with his teeth, dear…

Yeah!  This week marks the return of Alan Moore & Kevin O’Neill’s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen with “Century: 1910”, and once again, it made my eyes pop out of my skull with the sheer joy of figuring out who’s who from all the fictional characters of the period.  This time around, we’re treated to Aleister […]

Ain’t watching Watchmen!

Seems as though the Watchmen movie is on every fanboy’s mind.  Everyone keeps talking about the movie trailer; how this is going to be the greatest comic-book movie of all time.  Hey, did you ever notice how “of all time” means “until the DVD sales dry up”?  Really.  I’ve heard “of all time” applied to […]

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