Alan Moore and the Pipes of Doom, or “Beware! It Sings”!

As you’ve probably heard, Alan Moore has taken yet another break from his perpetually-forthcoming treatise on magick (and yes, that is actually spelled right, look it up) to release his own magazine, Dodgem Logic.  This magazine not only contains comics by the esteemed Mr. Moore, but also artwork from his League of Extraordinary Gentlemen collaborator Kevin O’Neill, articles from noted writers and — frabjous joy!  New music from Alan Moore!!!  As someone who treasures his flexidisc copy of Moore’s “March of the Sinister Ducks”, I gotta say I am ready to sell the house and move to England.  Moore’s vocals make Jim Morrison sound like that guy from The Darkness after getting whacked in the crotch by an estrogen shell.  Listen to him and David J of Bauhaus collaborate on the CDs The Birth Caul and The Moon and Serpent Grand Egyptian Theatre of Marvels on a dark and stormy night — you’ll understand what Lovecraft was trying to warn us about.  As far as this new magazine goes, check out Moore’s own description at — it defies punctuation.  Hopefully to be available soon in the U.S.

In other comics news, Norman Osborn is still loopy as ever, the Punisher was killed and resurrected as the FrankenPunisher (no I am not making this up) and the dead have returned to the DC Universe to bore the crap out of us.  Oh, and Archie finally married Betty, after marrying Veronica, of course.  Wouldn’t you?  If you can afford the five-dollar cover price, this week’s Dark Avengers annual features a new chapter in the life of Grant Morrison’s Marvel Boy, and introduces a new character destined to have a Bendis-penned miniseries out sometime next year.  And is it just me, or has Ultimate Spider-Man lost something without Mark Bagley’s pencils?  The new issues just don’t feel right, and I have no idea how Peter gets his Spidey mask on over that anime peninsula of hair he’s sporting.

Until Cerebus votes for Sarah Palin, this is Illustrator X keeping it sci-fi!

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