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The Writer’s Block: Ursula Wong on Strong Women

This month, author Ursula Wong reflects on strong women in science fiction, and how they’ve inspired her writing. I love strong women and write about them, so on a quest to meet more, I sought out Katniss from Suzanne Collins’s Hunger Games, Nyx from God’s War by Kameron Hurley, and the brilliant Trillian from Douglas […]

TalkCast 119 – Nauticon

Facebook Poll: Wonder Woman wins sexiest heroine. Alex Kingston on the fate of River Song. Tickets on sale for Granite State Comic Con 2012. Vote for SFSN in the NH Hippo Press. Happy Birthday to Bob Shaw and Brent Spiner. Watchman prequels. The end of Torchwood. CW’s Beauty and the Beast’s 911 origins. Wannabe Hobbits arrested. WB drops Elfquest, […]

TalkCast 113 – Kasey Shoemaker

Last Minute Geek Gifts: Dead RedHead – Plush Cthulhu Illustrator X – Creations from Mike Brown  Lance Henriksen Near Dark print AwakeByJava – The Olloclip Dome – Ben Bova’s Power Play Nancy Drew Vampire Slayer Doctor Who updates for Amy and Rory, Matt Smith, and a hint about a new Doctor. STOS solar powered mailbox 3-D movies, […]

TalkCast 112 – Kristi Petersen Schoonover

This week’s SFSN FaceBook Poll result: The ultimate Joker was Mark Hamill. This week’s Holiday Geeky Gift Ideas: Dead RedHead – The Walking Dead graphic novels. AwakeByJava – Glitch, the snarky fun (free) MMORPG. Dome – Smallville: The Complete Series on DVD. Kriana – Soft Kitty Singing Plush. Illustrator X – Classic Shogun Warriors. Zombrarian […]

Watching The Money – a Lurkers Guide to Silver Circle

It’s a rare moment when the fan community gets a look at the inner workings of a film from the ground up, rarer still when they are invited into the process. It was about 3 years ago, at Boston Comic Con that I first got introduced to Pasha and Megan and their unique concept for […]

Doctor Who: The Only Good Dalek Reviewed

On the heals of Amandatron3000’s post on BBC’s extermination of the Daleks, I give you another example of Dalek over-use in the hardback graphic novel Doctor Who: The Only Good Dalek. While I feel graphic novels can be used to expand and explore the vastness that is the Doctor Who universe, The Only Good Dalek falls […]

The Guild: Graphic Novel Review

If you’ve seen the popular web series The Guild, about a group of on-line gamers dealing with issues both in-game and offline, then you’ll enjoy this graphic novel prequel. Originally released as a three-issue miniseries by Dark Horse Comics, the graphic novel comes with a few extras, and the story of Cyd Sherman’s life before […]

Kryptonite Never Looked So Hot

EPIC #0 by Tyler James and Matt Zolman:  A “No Spoilers” review Imagine being a Super Hero. Imagine all the verve and vitality of youth and super powers and idealism. Imagine hormones run rampant, Imagine being in Florida during spring break. Imagine your secret vulnerability is …hot girls. Does the term screwed come to mind?

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