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TalkCast 98 – Double Mike Night

Our Guests Tonight: Michael Dougherty and Andrew Marnik talk about the wrap of Browncoats: Redemption and tease their upcoming  projects. Michael Worth star of the SyFy Original Move Jabberwock (and the first vampire killed by Faith on BtVS) talks about the movie and other projects he is currently working on.

TalkCast 79 – Is There An Echo In Here?

Browncoats: Redemption countdown. Chinese censors ban Time Travel TV, because it’s “made up”. George Takei’s audition for Spiderman: Turn off the Dark. Game of Thrones. Star Trek Episodes coming to Netflix. Paramount shoots down both Frakes and Shatner Star Trek 12 begins production in May. Star Wars: The Musical? They renamed it Rise of The Planet […]

A Firefly Movement We Can All Get Behind

There has been a lot of drama and controversy surrounding the Firefly ‘verse lately regarding who will or will not win the lottery and start it up again. These people are missing out. Firefly is alive and well, not only in the hearts of it’s fans, but also with the new(ish) independent film: Browncoats: Redemption. […]

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