Fiction Friday – Was it My Turn to put Out the Rats? by Timothy Goyette


“How do authors find their way to Fiction Friday,” you ask? Well, each one has their own road less traveled to Sci Fi Saturday Night and none more circuitous than this entry. A chance remark by one of the original hosts of the show to an acquaintance brought Timothy to us in a series of emails.  The course of the emails revealed any number of interesting coincidences to explore over the coming days, not the least of which was his website, Quantum Muse, a repository for a host of writers.

Timothy O. Goyette has lived in New Hampshire all of his life,  except for an 8 year stint in California.  Tim is the Editor of Quantum Muse a web zine with weekly flash fiction and monthly short stories in Science Fiction, Fantasy and Alternative.  It is also an online writer’s group. Some of Tim’s stories are in the collection: Quantum Musings.  Others are on the Quantum Muse site.  He writes both serious and humorous stories.

Animal right and animal testing takes a turn for the macabre and disturbing in a story of two girls and Mr. Whiskers in a somewhat foreboding future. Submitted for your approval is the second story featuring his characters Sasha and Katrina, Was it My turn to Put Out the Rats?

“This won’t hurt, Mr. Whiskers.” Katrina said as she wrapped her fingers around the pudgy body of her favorite rat.

“You shouldn’t make friends with those wretched creatures.” Sasha said. She moved in with the syringe. “Just hold it still, will you?”

“You aren’t vermin, Mr. Whiskers, are you?” Katrina touched noses with the sniffing rodent.

“Don’t make me sick.”

“Do you ever wonder what we’re putting in our furry friends?”

“If it were really important they’d have one hundred thousand dollar-a-year scientists working on it in some secret lab in New Mexico. Let’s not get carried away.”

The rest of the story can be found here.

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