Fiction Friday – Karen A. Wyle’s The Baby


Karen A. Wyle is a reader’s writer. She has two different genres in which she works, and her writing is based on what she is interested in and what she reads. She began writing at a very young age, and finished her first novel at age 10. Her website shows the duality of her writing, focusing on both Sci Fi and children’s books. This short story combines the best of both of her muses.

The maternal instinct runs deep. Science fiction has dealt with this concept in many different ways, allowing the reader to look upon different paths, different futures. This is the story of Ellie Simmons, a story of her life, her loss and what she still may lose. In a dystopian future, wanting a child is dangerous enough, cloning one from the genetic code of her dead husband makes it not just dangerous but illegal.

Submitted for your approval, “The Baby”.

Ellie lay in the bed and would not open her eyes.

Once she opened her eyes, it would all begin. She would see the baby, and he would look like her lost Daniel. Daniel as a baby, of course. And she would have Daniel again, as long as they both should live. And she would never have Daniel again, as long as she lived.

She listened, but heard no breathing. There were so many other sounds — buzzes and hums of equipment, tinny music, wheels of carts, footsteps. A baby’s breathing would be too quiet. But should she be hearing it?

She felt and heard her own breathing accelerate in a panicky rhythm. Was the baby all right? Had something gone wrong?

She opened her eyes.

The rest of the story can be found here.

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