TalkCast 115 – David Johnson

Edgar's Comics by David Johnson

Our guest, David Johnson, is the writer, producer and director of the film Edgar’s Comics. The movie is a narrative documentary which explores two influential events in comic book collecting history. The first, is the accumulation of Edgar Church’s collection, and the second is it’s discovery by Chuck Rozanski. A Kickstarter Project is David’s effort to continue this movie to completion.


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  1. Hey all,

    Looks like the Kickstarter project for the film “Edgar’s Comics” failed to reach its goal. However, our guest David Johnson does thank us below for our support!

    Illustrator X

    Dear Each and Every Backer,

    I wanted to extend to each of you my heartfelt thanks and appreciation for your generous support during this Kickstarter campaign. It is both inspiring and humbling to know, first-hand, that there are complete strangers in this great big world who empathize with another person’s creative dream, enough to contribute financially towards helping another person achieve that vision. You are a special group of people; contributors and members to the creative world. While this funding go-round was unsuccessful for Edgar’s Comics, the game is not yet over. Through this website I have been blessed with more contacts than what I started with. I will be having additional conversations over the next month or two, with industry executives (who contacted me) always with the hope of having the project land on the right desk. After this experience, I am even more committed to the project because there has been great interest in the project. So, while my pitch did not convert that interest into the funding target, I am certain that there is an audience who wants to see this story told. It is also possible that we may re-post this project to Kickstarter in a few months time.

    We’d like to give a special thank you to Mark Seifert @ for his expansive article, Brian Christman @ for the interview, Richard Sheldon @ for the interview and the gang at for the interview. With that, I wish you all the very best in 2012. Should anything momentous happen with Edgar’s Comics, presumably will be able to post an update to this expired campaign.

    Very Best Regards,
    David Johnson

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