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TalkCast 114 – Rob Watts

This week’s  SFSN Facebook Poll reveals Patrick Stewart should play The Dome in his biopic! The Top 5 Hard Science Retractions of 2011. Ghost Rider creator loses lawsuit. Buy a Batman print and help a talented artist with her medical bills. Pirates of Penzance meets Firefly. The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe hits record […]

TalkCast 109 – Jeff Macpherson

This week’s SFSN Facebook Poll reveals that our listeners believe Audrey II is the hungriest Sci Fi character. Diablo Cody says the new Evil Dead has maximum gore. Spider Man the Musical in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. No one injured – this time. David Mack’s Kabuki featured in Dexter.  Twilight movie causes seizures. The Walking […]

Authors from my past: Ron Goulart

It dawned on me recently that there are a slew of authors that, though they were well read in my formative years, have since fallen out of favor. It happens, but when it does, we lose part of the rich landscape of our diverse literary heritage. This series is an attempt to bring overlooked authors […]

After Free Comic Book Day, then what?

Before I get started, I want to extend a hearty “welcome back” to my friend and collaborator The Dome!  Glad to see you’re up and posting again — it has been too long since our readers have been treated to your >ahem< kindly opinions on the state of science fiction.  Although, with Galactica finally wrapped […]

Reader Mailbag – Too Many People Agree with Me that I AM An Idiot!

OK kids, on a fairly irregular basis, I will pretend to answer all the hate mail I get as well as the occasional love note.

On my series of articles about the Sci Fi network, John from Colorado wanted to know why I hated Mansquito. OK John, if in fact that is your real name, I have a list of things for you to do:

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