Reader Mailbag – Too Many People Agree with Me that I AM An Idiot!

OK kids, on a fairly irregular basis, I will pretend to answer all the hate mail I get as well as the occasional love note.

On my series of articles about the Sci Fi network, John from Colorado wanted to know why I hated Mansquito. OK John, if in fact that is your real name, I have a list of things for you to do:

1- Stop watching television immediately

2- Get your eyes checked

3- See a mental health professional quickly

An SS from Anywhere USA wrote in about our new masthead, claiming that you can hear multiple screams from former Clear Channel employees, and in the spirit of Will Eisner and full disclosure, he is completely correct. In fact there is a PSTfFCCE Workshop (Primal Scream Therapy for Former Clear Channel Employee’s) every second Tuesday evening at the YMCA, meeting room 3 in Manchester, N.H.

A young lady wrote in about my trashing of Isaiah Washington and my boycott of The Bionic Woman. 2 words, Get A Life. (not a math major).

I got a number of emails telling me about the dormant brain cells I reactivated talking about Phil Hartman and what a comic genius he was. I couldn’t agree with you all more. Another comic genius missed while Andy Dick is still allowed to use up oxygen.

The one post I expected to generate some hate mail was the 9/3 post about Science Fiction Radio.. Maybe it takes some time to get someone angry enough to write to me, or at the very least a back handed complement.

As usual, I am completely accessible here via email at

Oh can I just say in closing, I am sick of Stan Lee and his shameless self promotion?

Have a Marvel-ous weekend

Dome – signing off.

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