Thursday, Sept. 6, 2007 – How much could Chuck chuck, if Chuck was in movies and TV ?

Yes, I am an idiot.

I am the same guy who loves ALF as one of the best sci fi TV shows EVER. I am the same guy who hated The White Album. I am indeed the same guy who thought Ron Goulart ghost wrote all the Shatner novels (oh wait, he did).

Anyway…………… two Chucks to talk about and technically only one of them is Sci Fi, and that one is even a bit of a stretch.

NBC anchors its Monday night lineup with Chuck, and you have already been inundated with the promos for it. Chuck is a present day Johnny Mnemonic (check IMDB) and this schmendrick ain’t no Keanu Reeves. In fact, the whole premise is based on the Beauty and the Geek factor.The good news – Anchors NBC Monday preceding Heroes and JourneymanThe bad new – at 8pm, the timeslot doesn’t allow for the sexuality needed to sustain an otherwise thin idea..The only thing that could save this is the “Maxwell Smart Prerogative”, by which an audience LIKES IT STRICTLY FOR THE LEVELS OF STUPIDITY IT IS WILLING TO DROP TO. I wish Buck Henry was still writing for TV.

The other Chuck is Good Luck Chuck, opening in theaters soon. It’s not sci fi at all but stars Jessica Alba (Fantastic 4) who I love and Dane Cook who I just can’t stand (the only funny thing Cook was ever in was that awful movie with Jessica Simpson, and that was funny for all the wrong reasons). I am willing to put up with Cook just to feast on JA! Rated R for all the good reasons, opening Sept 21,2007. I am gonna be there.

So to recap, Chuck may not have such good luck, but Good Luck Chuck gets my vote for guilty pleasure of September Movies.

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