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TalkCast 83 – Browncoats Redemption

Is Doctor Who getting “too scary”? NBC Passes on Wonder Woman, yet again but renews Chuck. ABC shuts down V and No Ordinary Family. Iron Sky – MOON NAZI’S movie ready for release. Neil Gaiman does Doctor Who. Arnold gets a divorce, we get Terminator 5 & 6. True Blood gets its first teaser for […]

Tale of Two Series: Why They Deserve a Second Look

A month into the new season, and TV shows are falling faster than gerblicks on a Frunetk Patch. Or to put it in other words, Genre TV ratings are sinking back to the same level they have consistently been for the last decade. Is this a bad thing? Well, yes and no. Yes, because (especially if you’re FOX) you demand […]

Heroes – And Now We Wait

Tim Kring has done an amazing job of resurrection. No apologies are needed, everybody is allowed to take a wrong turn from time to time (see Battlestar Galactica Razor). What I like is the fact that Kring took personal responsibility for getting this amazing franchise back on track.

Be Amazed, Be Very Amazed

Tin Man, the upcoming week, the writers strike update, and why I love Rachel Ray.

I’ve been Chucked

Also, What if John Wu had directed The Bionic Woman Pilot. And a Rachael Ray Update

On my Thursday Sept 6 post, I was a schmuck. In a taste test between Good Luck Chuck, the absolute BOMB of a movie and Chuck the television series that anchors Monday night for NBC, I made a horrendous choice in hoping that the FABULOUS BODY of Jessica Alba would be able to save yat another Poseidon-esque Dane Cook vehicle. Who the hell ever though Dane Cook was funny, or likeable, or engaging, or had any talent whatsoever? Well, evidently not even the smile of an angel could make this donkey fly and it was in and out of theatres so fast, the popcorn faux butter barely had time to congeal.

Monday Night Scorecard, Rachael Ray and the rest of the news

Monday night was a HOME-FREAKIN-RUN for NBC:
Chuck – B+
Heroes – SOLID A
Journeyman – B-

The reason Journeyman was the weakest was because I can see Chuck and Journeyman switching timeslots very very soon. It was one hell of a roller coaster ride night. Can’t say enough and hope this lineup lasts for a long time.

Thursday, Sept. 6, 2007 – How much could Chuck chuck, if Chuck was in movies and TV ?

Yes, I am an idiot. I am the same guy who loves ALF as one of the best sci fi TV shows EVER. I am the same guy who hated The White Album. I am indeed the same guy who thought Ron Goulart ghost wrote all the Shatner novels (oh wait, he did).

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