Heroes – And Now We Wait

Tim Kring has done an amazing job of resurrection. No apologies are needed, everybody is allowed to take a wrong turn from time to time (see Battlestar Galactica Razor). What I like is the fact that Kring took personal responsibility for getting this amazing franchise back on track. The last 4 episodes have been wonderful, imaginative and fast paced. I take back “most” of my Veronica Mars Stunt Casting comments. Her character has come alive and we have actually begun to give a damn about her, Syler has killed again and has his powers back, evidently the male wonder twin is actually dead, Adam has been buried alive for no apparent reason and Nathan has been shot (but not necessarily killed) by cheerleader’s dad.

            Now, everyone needs to shut up. There are a number of external factors that could throw this puppy off course. First and foremost is the WGA Writers Strike. The longer this goes on, the worse the chances are for maintaining the audience that they worked so hard to get back (all them fair weather watchers, who didn’t like the history lessons). Second is the lag time from the point at which the strike is finally settled to the shooting of those new scripts. My sources tell me that there may only be  between 3 and 5 episodes done for the new year, and if that is the case we may be looking at a Spring devoid of new programming except for unscripted reality show (God in Heaven, help us). Third, if the stoppage continues much longer, actors may opt to move to other projects, and that becomes a huge problem for everyone.

            All that aside, this is awesome, and when you look at the NBC lineup for Mondays, they rock, even though Journeyman is hitting the skids. So, Chuck and Heroes go an a Mini-Vaca and perhaps Journeyman goes for a long winters nap. And we wait….. and wait….and wait.


This is Dome, waiting for a call from Rachael Ray, knowing how much coffee I drink.

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