Be Amazed, Be Very Amazed

Tin Man, the upcoming week, the writers strike update, and why I love Rachel Ray.

Beautiful to watch and listen to, I am impressed. Sci Fi Network reminds me of ever Guidance Counselor I ever had in school, “He can do better if he tries!”. Here is an example of what SFC can do when they put their collective minds to it. MY GOD KIDS, we cant get a hit every time we get up to the plate, but can we do more of these and less Mansquito’s?

So, while I am waiting for American Gladiators to debut, Monday night is all NBC once again.

Chuck- A solid A+++

fun show for nerds and sci fi freaks alike ( methinks they are one and the same) This show is just good fun and has not failed me yet. Gotta admit, in the beginning I was so in love with Yvonne Strahovski, the smolderingly sexy CIA agent but I am also feeling kinds good about Julia Ling, the Nerd Herd vixen.

Heroes- A-

            As  for all the complaints about the slow start and too much Japan. SHUT UP! Go watch Bass Masters on FSN. On its worst day, this show is groundbreaking fun and tonight should be one of the best yet. The “Stunt Casting”(I am getting so sick of this term) of Veronica Mars Babe Kristen Bell, has been less than stellar, and not her fault at all. I can hope they ler her character develop and grow. Syler, well the goon you love to hate will hopefully not kill his Mexican sweetheart, but, who knows?

Journeyman does look well as it is bumped tonight for a new episode of Life


All of these issues are contingent on a quick settlement of the writers strike or else you can kiss all of the second half of the season goodbye. Meanwhile, I am sitting her watching a Rachel Ray commercial, wondering how sweet her lips would taste with that slight hint of DD Coffee??? I love her giggle.


This Is Dome, jonesing for coffee and………

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