Monday Night Scorecard, Rachael Ray and the rest of the news

Monday night was a HOME-FREAKIN-RUN for NBC:

Chuck – B+

Heroes – SOLID A

Journeyman – B

The reason Journeyman was the weakest was because I can see Chuck and Journeyman switching timeslots very very soon. It was one hell of a roller coaster ride night. Can’t say enough and hope this lineup lasts for a long time.

Tuesday saw Reaper and I yawned. The funny wasn’t funny, the slacker wasn’t slacker and I wasn’t impressed. This show is on Death Notice.

Wednesdays to watch out for, Bionic Woman. Somebody better tall me cuz I ain’t watchin.

Rachael, you didn’t email, I can see you on TV every day. Call me, please. I know you would love my wit and I adore your cooking. Don’t spend another lonely day.

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