IRON MAN starring Morton Downey, Jr.

So, last night, I’m vegging in front of the TV, watching the Daily Show. Between the continuing Senator Craig Jokes and the continuing Iraq jokes, they push to a commercial break


The two minute trailer for IRON MAN, opening May 2008.

I was enthralled and went scrambling for my laptop to see what was on the net…….

First of all, the CGI needed to bring Morton Downy, Jr. back from the dead to play the role of Tony Stark. I just couldn’t imagine a wise cracking, chain smoking, facially scarred former talk show host in the role of Tony Stark. Evidently I was extremely tired. It wasn’t till 2:00 AM that it dawned on me that it was ROBERT Downey, Jr., which, quite frankly, makes one hell of a lot more sense.A little background on Robert Downey Jr,. I have always had a soft spot for troubled Hollywood youth and no one is more of a poster child for it than Robert, until theis years VMA’s on MTV. (Brit, Brit, Brit… need to stay in rehab for more than 3 hours, otherwise it doesn’t work right and you fall flat on your face in front of all your fans, again). No one is happier than me that this project seems to have come off without a hitch and one hopes it can meet all the hype and expectations. This is the third resurrection attempt at his career and I hope this works for him, I really don’t wanna see him on a VH1 reality show sleeping with Bridget Nielson.The net buzz is just beginning to ramp up on this project, but based on what the trailer shows and the lack of negative buzz (something that is always a good sign) I am really rooting for this.‘

Iron Man

Director – Jon Favreau

Release Date – May, 2008

Robert Downey, Jr. – Iron Man/Tony Stark

Gweneth Paltrow – “Pepper” Potts

Samuel L. Jackson – Nick Fury

Obligatory cameos by Stan Lee and Jack KirbyObligatory

Iron Man Theme – Black Sabbath (YEAH!!!!!!!!!!)

As a side note, Tom Cruse wanted to Play the title role and direct it……HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA……. SORRY JUST HAD TO GET THAT OUT.

Today is 9/11, take a moment to remember where you were and what it means to us all.

Dome, signing off

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