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TalkCast 373 – The Philip K. Dick Science Fiction Film Festival 2018

It all started with a book. For our guest, in 2012, the book was Valis. The author of the book was Philip Kindred Dick. Our guest on this episode is the mind behind The Philip K. Dick Science Fiction Film Festival in New York City, Dan Abella. We got to talk with Dan on a […]

TalkCast 362 – Keene Comic Con, The Birth of Another Micro-Con

We are joined by Terry Thomas, the main organizer of Keene Comic Con, which will have its premiere event on Saturday October 14th. in Keene, NH. Terry is here to talk about the how and why of the birth of this event, the unique nature of the Mini Con and the role that it plays […]

TalkCast 111 – Lance Henriksen and Joe Maddrey

This week’s Holiday Gift Ideas: Dome – Futurama Monopoly Kriana -Knitted Superhero Finger Puppets Java – glif and gorillapod Dead RedHead – Fritz Leiber This week’s SFSN Facebook Poll: Favorite Animated Sci-Fi Movie was a tie between Heavy Metal and The Incredibles. BBC’s Sherlock Holmes returns. Starship Troopers director also did The Fast and the Furious. Guy Ritchie to […]

Fiction Friday – Philip K Dick

Philip K. Dick was known as a dystopian writer. Born in 1928, his life was as dystopian as his stories. Many of his finest works have been converted to movies, among them Bladerunner and Minority Report. What most people don’t know is that he wrote many short stories.  His writing style in these short stories […]

TalkCast 78 – The Guestless Show

In the turmoil of our everyday events, don’t forget that help for Japan is still needed. Be wary of scams. Contact The Red Cross to donate directly. Felicia Day tweets… something… Peter Jackson adding new characters to The Hobbit. April Fools Roundup: Nathan Fillion puts fans into a panic. Think Geek presents its 2011 April Fools […]

TalkCast 74 – Sketch Cards R Us

  The Game Of Thrones Trailer. Dead Island Trailer. Thundercats Reboot. Super. Suckerpunch. Resident Evil 5? Elizabeth Hurley as the villain in Wonder Woman. Diane Lane as Martha Kent in Superman. Anne Hathaway dishes to Oprah about Catwoman. The new Disney Dream Pictures. Peter Pan? Begins? Christopher Nolan noshes with the Bladerunner Prequel team.   After […]

The Tone Poems Of Philip K Dick

What makes the collective work of PDK mesmerizing, inaccessible, and at the same time almost addictively taunting in the world of film? When taken as an individual work, each of PKD’s stories becomes a nightmare to reproduce in any way faithfully and effectively on the screen, be it large or small. Whatever triumph the end […]

TalkCast 72 – It’s Sexy Time with author HP Mallory

News tonight: Happy Birthday Sara Richard. Double Midnight Comics announces their new movie. Is Firefly coming back? Browncoats comment and so does Nathan Fillion. Harry Potter screenwriter to rewrite Akira. Superhero Dating? Sure! Who auditioned for Superman in the original Chris Reeve’s costume? Detroit gets a RoboCop Statue after all. Why is Green Hornet’s director […]

Talkcast 55 – Take My Zombie, Please

Our Special Guests: Mark Nelson & Isaac Kennell of Saturday Fright Special Shout out to Comic Art House, Double Midnight Comics and all our friends at New York Comic Con right now! Wizard World is next weekend Events schedule here Ridley Scott is adapting P.K. Dick’s “The Man in the High Castle“ The team that […]

PKD’s (and David Mack’s) ELECTRIC ANT

The first issue of Philip K. Dick’s Electric Ant hit the stores this week like a psychic invasion.  Reading more like a copy of Heavy Metal than the latest release from Marvel Comics (which it is), Electric Ant hits all the right notes in introducing the reader to the mind of Philip K. Dick.  What […]

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