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Someone Get Cory Vidal A Gig

Everybody kiss a Wookie, kick a ‘droid! Thanks for sharing, Kevin.

The Archeological Exploration of Doctor Who: Part 1

William, William…

I just spent the last 6 hours desperately trying to finish Sonic 4 while you nattered about in the background. Now, as your final set of episodes plays in front of me, all I can feel about the situation is…

TalkCast 62 – Project Runaway Creations

Minds Eyes Premieres That damn Buffy reboot. Special Bargains for our listeners! See the Deals Links on the Home Page. New to You – The Adventures of Superhero Girl by Faith Erin Hicks. 4 down, 2 to go until Season 2 of The Walking Dead How to talk to your kids about Star Wars. Original […]

Am I mad? I don’t even know!

I admit that I am behind on The Walking Dead (I have not yet seen the November 21 episode).  And usually, I would leave commentary on the show to The Dome so as not to clog the blog (heh. poet=me).  Don’t worry, this isn’t about to become a blog solely dedicated to The Walking Dead, […]

Talkcast 61 – The Minds Eye’s Thomas Gofton

Doctor Who Christmas special trailer, guest starring Michael (Dumbledore) Gambon Matt Smith on Craig Ferguson this past week Fringe moved to Friday 9pm death slot Harry Potter Movie…the same as the book. Read you damned kids. Epic Score for the Hobbit Red Riding Hood Dark Shadows gets a green light  for April 2012 Serenity Q & […]

Science Fiction-Science Fact – Mars, A One Way Trip?

This month’s issue of The Journal of Cosmology is dedicated to essays from prominent scientists with the unified theme of Mars Exploration.  Many of the articles are the stuff of science facts, figures, extrapolation and, considering this IS the Journal of Cosmology, that makes sense. What is causing some quiet talk around the Hadron Collider […]

TalkCast 60 – Samantha Boyette

RIP Dino DeLaurentiis Steve Moffat adding sexual tension to Dr. Who Website of the Week: Our Valued Customers. DC Comics claims Monthly’s are dying, Graphic Novels are the key to the future. Obscene and Heard, new game: The Marvel Brothel. Fringe – The Number Stations. The Walking Dead  renewed.  Zombies would clap if their flesh […]

Ted Sturgeon’s Second Law and Episode Two of The Walking Dead

As Yoda would say, “Tired, I become, of all the haters I hear,” and yes, Yoda is correct. Episode 2 of the Walking Dead was great fun and yet the haters and snarks and grumblers in the Inter-webs abound with every stupid comment one can conceive about why it’s just not good. I argue that […]

Stargate’s Destiny

I only recently started exploring in depth the world of Stargate, and while I will not say that it has captured my heart the way that the desert planet Arrakis did, or the moons of Endor do, it has a special place in my life. When I want a rip roaring good time with lots […]

TalkCast 59 – Boston ComiCon Preview

Eliza Dushku on Big Bang Theory The Walking Dead on AMC My Neighbor Totoro parody on South Park Shepherd Book gets his origin story in Firefly Comics Zac Efron in talks to star in Akira X-Files 3, why? Our guest tonight, Colin Solan from Boston ComiCon Make a comment on this post on the website […]

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